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Example sentences for heedless

They, too, can put our lives at risk by being heedless.
To others, though, his story was the cautionary tale of a heedless fool.
Daring physical feats and heedless accidents shape her choreography.
By contrast, fantasy writers are free to roam, fueled by imagination and heedless of the stringent requirements of history.
At the height of the subprime folly, there was not enough outside regulation or inner compunction to restrain heedless excess.
What one desperately wants to understand are the motivations that prompt such heedless behavior.
Remain heedless, and the failing cities will wreck everything else.
While there should be no surrender of principle, our task must be undertaken wisely and without heedless vindictiveness.
The immense resources of the country are wasted, and its splendid capabilities neglected with heedless recklessness.
They and their heedless friends show her the disenchanted kingdom of adulthood.
We loved the heedless risk, the show's musk of comic danger.
The findings of the study challenge pre-existing stereotypes of universally heedless, exploitative, and irresponsible behavior.

Famous quotes containing the word heedless

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