hedging in a sentence

Example sentences for hedging

He has sat quietly by until now when when he sits to make a tidy sum from hedging.
And it's frankly sort of odd to suggest that hedging does more harm than good.
So everybody's hedging their bets--including the telephone company.
Astronomers, who had been predicting the best comet in more than a decade, began hedging their bets.
Others were still hedging their bets, arguing there was room for doubt.
Prudent gamblers and investors all know about hedging.
Surely a word artisan such as yourself sees the careful hedging in the comments from a friend.
Market price influenced by inclusion of underwriting fees and projected profit from hedging activity.
Many non-financial firms hold derivative positions far in excess of their hedging needs.
Hedging sounds prudent, but some economists reckon that firms should not do it because it reduces their value to shareholders.
What is stunning about the hedge fund industry is the correlation within it as well as the sheer lack of hedging that takes place.
Perhaps it is neither and the people who count, yet to make up their minds, are frantically hedging and debating.
Larger businesses that export goods and services need support with hedging foreign-currency risk and commodity prices.
Their downfall suggests that hedging at the highest levels is not as adept as it might be.
As the share price moves up and down, the fund adjusts its short position, a tactic known as delta hedging.
Thanks to hedging, trading volume and volatility are now bigger earnings drivers than the level or direction of markets.
Unusually, the rand is a popular hedging tool for foreigners.
But asking investors to take valuations and hedging processes on trust is getting harder by the day.
The hedging policies of mortgage issuers may also have played a part.
The past few years have seen sweeping consolidation among mining groups, reducing the demand for hedging.
Survival was what mattered and there was much hedging of bets.
Such hedging could be the start of a flowering of new kinds of insurance for many types of risk.
Most of the profit came from successfully hedging fuel costs.
The oil-price spike has heightened sensitivity over hedging costs.
Some argue that it will go the way of power and even financial markets, complete with arbitrage, derivatives and hedging.
Their makers do not claim to have all the answers, and are hedging their bets.
Others are hedging their bets that if the library isn't bookless now, someday it probably will be.
Large companies with overseas operations have an easier time hedging against those risks.
In addition, farmers have access to various tools-such as insurance and hedging-that can help reduce their farm-level risks.
My findings are consistent with hedging theories based on cost of financial distress and costly external financing.
Hedging is a linguistic resource which conveys the fundamental characteristics of science of doubt and skepticism.
Hedging derivative instruments must meet annual effectiveness tests.
Much of that stress related to hedging positions taken in the futures market to mitigate price risk.
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