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Yes, this giant, lush hedge of tomato plants are all volunteers.
Hedge fund investments rise, despite weak returns.
Big gains in those categories more than offset losses in equities and some hedge funds.
High borrowing and the credit crisis are bad enough for hedge funds.
To hedge your chance of seeing wildlife, consider going guided.
But the first sentence the quote above is a substantial hedge.
Deciduous in coldest areas, where it is widely used for hedge and screen planting.
Now, it seems spiking fuel costs are prompting talk of another sort of silver-lining venture: the gas hedge.
Some hedge funds bought energy stocks while others sold.
Many hedge fund and investment experts predict the market will go up over the next five years so the value would rise.
Fine lawn tree, good background plant, outstanding clipped hedge.
The hedge funds would have only themselves to blame if they take academic papers and misuse them.
The university holds investments with a hedge fund and a real-estate investment trust in which trustees serve as top executives.
Many think that hedge funds are to blame for the turmoil in the world's financial markets.
If your valentine disappears behind a hedge tonight, or receives a card you didn't send, beware.
And maybe, you will have decided to hedge your bets a bit instead of barreling on with full confidence in your own perception.
Most often clipped as hedge or shaped into globes, tiers, pyramids in containers.
So to hedge against this, server vendors are becoming cloud service providers.
Hedge funds are supposed to make money whether markets go up or down.
One way colleges hedge against uncertainty is by using early decision.
If more of the market was hedge related, the price would not have collapsed.
Useful as a hedge or large shrub add to my plant list.
Starting a hedge fund has become harder, riskier and potentially less lucrative.
The latter is the mind-set of the gold rush, the hedge fund, the lottery ticket of everyday wage-earners.
Colorful accent, ground cover, or low hedge add to my plant list.
Hedge funds' sell-offs, it seems, are adding pressure to an already troubled stock market.
Numerous money-losing hedge funds have curtailed investor withdrawals over the past few months as redemption requests piled up.
Rosemary is great for a little hedge around other herbs, or in a rose garden.
Often seen as a high hedge or screen more add to my plant list.
Great choice for a hedge or screen add to my plant list.
In the back planter, a tall mallow hedge screens a vegetable garden.
Can also be trained into a standard and tolerates clipping into a hedge.
And recently the stock market's taking a beating from the hedge fund scandal.
Hedge funds have latched on to the opportunity for arbitrage this has thrown up.
Excellent in a container or as a narrow hedge add to my plant list.
Or suppose that a hedge fund owns credit-default swaps as well as a firm's debt.
Another advantage of installing a solar power plant is predictability and a hedge against price shocks.
Amid a lackluster merger market, one sector is shining: marriages between hedge funds.
Hedge fund managers have been called plenty of names.
Governments will hedge against inflation, still a risk after the fiscal and monetary expansion to combat the crisis.
Useful as hedge plant or windbreak, especially at the beach add to my plant list.
Perhaps half of all hedge funds will go out of business.
Hedge funds usually thrive when markets turn volatile.
Hedge funds are notoriously reticent in part because the government requires them to be.
The turbulent financial markets have caused many hedge funds to report humbling losses and forced a few to shut down entirely.
The investment pools that provide much of the hedge fund industry's capital seem to have sprung a leak.
Hedge fund managers generally see themselves as smarter than the average investor.
But there's also a philosophy that urges people to hedge their bets and act, even with incomplete knowledge.
But it's probably best to hedge our bets, and lower our expectations.
Dow's size also allowed it to hedge its bets on batteries by entering other new energy markets.
It's a hedge against releasing private emails and photos into the wild.
The sky-high prices threaten to exclude from the farmers' market anyone who isn't a hedge fund manager.
Of course, hedge funds try to ensure that some ultra-rich do even better.
They're already equal in size to all of the hedge funds in the world combined.
Hedge and private equity funds are active, operating in large part on borrowed funds.
Hedge funds may have performed badly this year but their losses have been far lower than those of equity markets.
Investment firms are also eagerly selling high-cost hedge funds with stratospheric fees to investors of modest means.
Private-equity firms and hedge funds spy opportunity, too.
It had been in trouble since two of its hedge funds collapsed last summer.
But hedge funds do not need to borrow yen and then buy higher-yielding currencies.
Some are also using commodities-gold-to hedge against higher expected inflation.
Others, such as hedge funds, may want to take more risk and earn higher returns.
The biggest area of expansion for boutique managers over the past decade has, of course, been in hedge funds.
Bankers may routinely earn million-pound bonuses but some hedge-fund and private-equity managers have become billionaires.
Another proposal is to limit their venture-capital and hedge-fund holdings.
These financial instruments are used by companies to hedge against the risk of weather-related losses.
To hedge against defaults, he spreads his risk by lending small sums to different borrowers.
Despite the dismal state of the real estate market, however, your home can be a significant inflation hedge in the future.
Hedge funds played an important role in the shift to sloppy mortgage lending.
The hedge-fund manager bet big against the subprime-mortgage market and won.
Gold is still regarded as a hedge against a weak dollar and also against inflation.
Maybe one of your kids has become a rock star or hedge-fund whiz.

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