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Example sentences for hectic

Two words someone else would use to describe me are hectic and mildly amusing.
Some were slipping on the rocks, and a couple actually fell during the hectic start.
Then a character leads readers, page by page, through empty space to a door leading back into the hectic frenzy of lines.
Mondays are often hectic in the casket business, and today is no exception.
His schedule was always hectic.
The ability to engage in a cooperative campaign gives the game's hectic combat a welcome twist.
At any rate, Picasso seems to have come alive and felt a new freedom to comment on the increasingly hectic events of his life.
When I asked her about what happened, she told me that it was at the end of a very hectic week and she simply freaked out.
When a hectic schedule leaves no time for family fun, Sara decides to capture time itself.
Despite their hectic schedules, the two stayed in constant contact.
It was a bit hectic at the house, what with everyone trying to maneuver and put their dishes together.
Literature and taste, indeed, still disguised with a flush of hectic loveliness and brilliancy the ravages of an incurable decay.
Firefights are hectic, with a pacing that only grows in intensity as the game progresses.
Watching the kitchen during the hectic rush of dinner service presented a case study in industrial and organizational psychology.
The alarm clock buzzes in another hectic weekday morning.
In the past several years, air travel has become more hectic and less appealing for some travelers.
While traveling is stressful and hectic, sometimes a flight is ideal to kick back and get ready for.
It was pretty hectic as crew went about their job of shouting instructions and showing people where to get out of the plane.
If you don't want the hectic lifestyle of the east coast, then the south looks good.
Nor is it the witless writing or the hectic, inconsistent acting.
The director, in cleaving to the approach to the play, has kept his cast moving through these hectic goings-on.
Its makeshift offices hum with the hectic activity and strong camaraderie of a college newspaper.
They need to be able to produce high quality work with minimal supervision, under pressure and in a hectic work environment.
Family and friends gather, schedules get even more hectic, and many hands want to help.
These runs are often lighter, faster, and less hectic.
It's easy to use, even when your shopping trip is hectic.
No one needs to tell you that life in today's world is hectic, complicated and stressful.
With the hectic pace of today's world, urgent information can't wait.

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