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When you hoist two items of equal weight, your brain may be doing some heavy lifting.
Many governments are facing not only slow economic growth but also big deficits and heavy debts.
Before installing a system, consult a builder or engineer to make sure your roof can handle the extra weight from heavy rainfall.
And the life-changing potential in small communities is different from that in large or tourist-heavy cities.
In addition, recycling the heavy metals in batteries is a difficult task.
She has a way of talking about sad, heavy, difficult things with a kind of shrug-with a feeling of offhandedness.
If he is melancholy and heavy, his clothes are joyful and weightless.
The lungs, usually as light and airy as cotton candy, were as heavy and thick as liver.
The southern coast is subject to late summer typhoons that bring strong winds and heavy rains.
The heavy lifting is done by the nine-engine cluster, fuelled by kerosene and liquid oxygen.
Early-ripening variety with some resistance to root rot in heavy soils.
His leased bus had mirrored ceilings, as if it had been used last by a heavy metal band.
Do not use paper that is too heavy to feed into an automatic copier.
So did their inability to use heavy weapons in counter-attacks.
New research indicates, however, that a novel drug--based on an older plant cure--aids heavy smokers in their quest to quit.
Mining exposed the sulfides and eventually made the tailings as acidic as battery acid and full of heavy metals such as arsenic.
He was a heavy cell phone user, and it was found on the side of his head against which he'd hold his phone.
The show borrows heavily from other sci-fi sources and the first episode was heavy on exposition.
First impression out of the box is that this thing feels heavy.
Your breathing is ragged, and your footfalls seem heavy.
Special daytime parking arrangements for the heavy load have to be worked out with towns along the route.
Hybrid tea roses benefit from heavy pruning in winter.
There's no skimming, booms aren't working in the heavy surf.
For real space launches rocket scientists figured out special fuel to make enough energy to get a heavy shuttle off the ground.
Not bad for a bike, but quite heavy if you have to lug it up a mountainside.
It also was equipped with a remotely operated arm that was used to recover the heavy anchors.
Cold fusion using fullerene to squeeze heavy hydrogen is one method.
They spread slowly, hug the ground, and have heavy seeds not easily borne on the wind.
Heavy metal has lost its glamour, and its mainstream support.
Then, a heavy array of valves and pipes-a temporary cap-was lowered into place.
Doing so is easy enough, but now pick up something heavy in your hand and do it again.
Short branches hold up well under heavy snow more add to my plant list.
Pollution is heavy even at the height of the monsoon.
The heavy metal artists are the first musicians to sue the software maker and universities for enabling music piracy.
How much it would help or hinder having heavy hump is the question.
Culture is quite similar to that of other camellias, except that plants seem intolerant of heavy pruning.
Some, however, are heavy feeders and need regular fertilizing throughout the growing season.
When heavy winds coincide with especially high tides, it becomes liquid chaos and disaster for the unwitting seafarer.
Due to heavy rains and strong winds, serious damage has been wrought on the historic structures.
UN troops have provided engineering help and heavy equipment to carefully uncover buried artwork.
When you shop, look for plump, firm bulbs that feel heavy for their size.
Typically a strong-structured tree with heavy trunk and heavy, upright, spreading limbs.
He likes its heavy flowering and its tolerance of heat and humidity.
Our lighter alternative tastes deceptively rich, is extremely easy, and offers a a welcome respite from heavy holiday fare.
Can also be grown in greenhouse or enclosed patio or, with heavy pruning, as a houseplant more add to my plant list enlarge.
Note that heavy feeding of either type in spring leads to excessive leafy growth, soft fruit, and fruit rot.
Squarish culms have prominent joints, carry heavy whorls of br more add to my plant list.
Look for smooth, heavy hands, as the knobs of the rhizome are called.
Think of it as a way to warm up your minds for the heavy planning to be done next.
It has increased fines for pollution, reduced subsidies on fuels and scrapped tax breaks for heavy industry.
Scientists have unearthed the remains of an ancient crocodile that was as long as a city bus and as heavy as a small whale.
Astronomers have found a surprisingly heavy early galaxy, according to a new report.
Course load is rather heavy but he likes his students.
Some educators said that fact may have spared campuses from heavy casualties.
Holding a heavy clipboard leads to weighty decisions.
If she decides to kick you, she has some heavy hiking boots to do it with.
Soon heavy snow began to fall, and the temperature plunged.
Heavy snows and cold temperatures leave little minds bored and searching for something to do.
They are also famous for the heavy carved stone heads which are believed to be carvings of their rulers faces.
Skatole bears a heavy responsibility for making poo smell phooey.
Reds are always too heavy but whites can sometimes be well.
Head and neck cancer patients were once primarily older heavy smokers and drinkers.
The microwave may have had to heat up a heavy ceramic mug vs a small thin pot on the stove.
There are no machine guns, rocket launchers, or other heavy firepower here.
The city's earliest settlements sprang up along the riverbanks, as did its first heavy industries.
The torrent half-buried area homes and elevated long-running health concerns over heavy metals in the ash.
They are planned for use by piloted spacecraft and for transport of heavy cargo.
During spells of heavy rain and strong winds, large trees may even topple.
The largest bird that ever flew was an expert glider but was too heavy to fly by flapping its wings, researchers say.
Debate about older adults' driving skills often touches on obvious impairments, such as failing vision and heavy medication use.
The spiral-shaped storms pack powerful winds and heavy rains.
Several decades ago, the area was a prime location for heavy industry.
Much of the concern with the environment centers on heavy metals.
We were aware that this would have no effect on toxins or heavy metals.
Dead ahead lies a heavy thicket, an ideal spot for an ambush by drug smugglers.
Heavy pesticide use there at the time, coupled with heavy chemicals used here to revive the flowers after the long transport.
The marines had to disembark and wade to the beach while exposed to heavy enemy fire.
The path he took was new to him, and in the heavy equatorial heat, his dysentery returned.
The sluice is lined with heavy synthetic matting, similar to indoor-outdoor carpet.
Some aspects of suburban life-notably long-distance commuting and heavy reliance on fossil fuels-will have to change.
Many feathered dinosaurs did not have wings or were too heavy, relative to the length of their feathered limbs, to fly.
In bad times and heavy seas, the natural fear is that things will get worse, and never better.
Soon, protected by heavy weapons, they set up their bases inside the favelas.
The plain wooden tables in the cavernous, heavy-beamed main dining room were filled with connoisseurs of the house specialty.
Bleeding disorders that stop blood from clotting can cause heavy menstrual bleeding.
Problems can range from heavy, painful periods to no period at all.
Participants stood with either a light or heavy clipboard cradled in their arm, filling out surveys.
Forcing students to live in campus-based housing and eating exclusively at the colleges' food service is heavy handed coercion.
Yet other people pouring out of the exhibit hall lugged heavy bags of books.
In any case, when you apply for teaching-heavy positions, search committees will immediately look at your teaching experience.
The museum has been under heavy police and army guard ever since.
So the remaining monolithic milk-heavy herd is prone to diseases.
To check the roof: get into the attic or whatever crawlspace exists with a flashlight during a heavy downpour.
Now, in this era of heavy parental supervision and organized sports, this kind of unstructured recreation is virtually unknown.
The plastics, batteries and other components leach heavy metals and various carcinogenic chemicals into drinking water.
But you're right that it's not powerful enough for heavy-duty work.
And then you have to be careful not to come off as the shrew or the heavy.
Heavy artillery is becoming an increasingly important factor in deciding battles.
The fibrous sod and stunted trees are breathing heavy balm.
If it is not literature, it is likely to be so heavy that you can't lift it.
With a cry he arose, dragging the heavy desk along the floor.
In the station yard, after the evening train had gone, there was a heavy silence.
The womb may not return to its natural size, but remain large and heavy, tending to fall away from its natural position.
All these were paddle-wheel boats and paddlewheel boats are not adapted to work in heavy seas.
They'll ease the strain of heavy backpacks, that's for sure.
But the company isn't giving up on the idea and says charging heavy users more money is only fair.
What data exists, however, shows that heavy downloading has little relation to a cable company's bandwidth costs.
With heavy blood loss and bits of missing flesh, he needed to draw on his nine lives to make it.
Using some heavy processing, this information can then be used to do the magic you see above.
Many mines are still carrying significant volumes of water from last year's floods, so more heavy rain is a danger.
But the ancient universe had a major advantage: it lacked heavy elements, since stars had not yet had a chance to synthesize them.
Scientists say the excess heavy nitrogen could have come from a comet.
Personally, he was emotionally withdrawn and a heavy drinker.
Caging heavy hydrogen molecules is even more interesting.
Petroleum or coal coke will have some heavy metals, aromatics, and that might be what's in that bag you buy for your barbecue.
Also it cannot really be used as a regular bike without the battery as it's too heavy.
Their hip-hop heavy playlists are short on soul-searching and heavy on bravado.
Outside, where cattle usually graze, human bones sometimes come unearthed after heavy rains.
They have been used to store water during times of heavy buildup and for gradual release during dry periods.
Heavy rain causes floods and landslides, and makes millions homeless and takes the lives of many others.
But the new study confirms that vegetation also suffered heavy casualties.
Heavy elements are only produced in supernovae, so all of us carry the remnants of these distant explosions within our own bodies.
Combine the garlic and oil in a heavy-bottomed saucepan.
Nothing that big and heavy could be rocketed into space.
Even on a calm day, the sun emits a mighty solar wind, a stream of protons and heavy elements racing through space.
The heavy iron anchor and chain tumbled noisily into the water.
Some were too big and heavy to maneuver the terrain.
Heavy and ungainly out of water, these reptiles are supremely well adapted swimmers.
Over the past few years, there has been a marked shift from light manufacturing to heavy industry.
The sales pitch is irresistible: the principal fuel, a heavy isotope of hydrogen called deuterium, can be extracted from water.
The heavy lifting of financing infrastructure and state companies will shift to bond markets.
All the same, the state seems too keen to use heavy-handed regulation.
Today, amid a heavy crackdown on dissent, they sound cruelly prescient.
Countries with free-falling currencies, burst housing bubbles and a heavy reliance on finance and trade will also suffer.
Others reckon they can get away with shorting indices with heavy exposure to financial stocks.
But the heavy-duty diesels employed in ships still have a long way to go.
Such bags, though, are heavy and unwieldy-particularly if they have to be filled far from the breach and then carried there.
Half-measures will result in a new equilibrium, but one that is still too heavy.
The country is paying a heavy price for their refusal to face up to their true nature.
Unarguably, it remains a place where companies face heavy direct and indirect state control.
Heavy, with the turning circle of an articulated lorry.
But the heavy hand of the government can be stifling here.
To find such organisms would require deep drilling and heavy machinery.
And personal experience has taught me the indispensability of a tractor for lifting and moving heavy objects on a ranch.
The logistics of constant packing and unpacking, not to mention the biking itself, ruled out a heavy course load.
Bring heavy cream to a boil in a small heavy saucepan.
Heat butter in a small heavy saucepan until melted and bubbling.
Splash some oil into a heavy pan, enough to coat the bottom.
Melt butter in a small heavy saucepan over low heat.
Open fires and heavy cooking pots made the quick saut├ęs and crisp tenderness of contemporary cuisine impossible.
The resin-heavy broth transforms would-be standard pub fare into a debutante's delight of a dinner.
Melt butter in a heavy medium saucepan over medium heat.
The photographs were pasted carefully onto heavy pages.
When the beat finally engages, it is not a particularly heavy moment.
Lin was a prominent advocate of heavy investment in rural electricity, running water.
There were more programs of singing and dancing children wearing heavy makeup.
McAllen, with its high poverty rate, has an incidence of heavy drinking sixty per cent higher than the national average.
His dark eyes and heavy brow now seem right for obsession.
Some thought he used magnets, others said heavy oil or porcelain chips or a substance he found in beehives.
One can take it in heavy doses without any undesired effects.
When the bank pulled out, the family whose drive-in was destroyed by heavy winds bought the building with their insurance money.
It also had its faults: a certain heavy-handedness, and a tendency for the characters to make speeches rather than utter dialogue.
The case was lined with velvet that had been faded by time from a heavy blood red to a pallid and streaked violet.
Each designer's mantel is already heavy with awards, and the work all five are nominated for is invariably fantastic.
Heavy weighting of the image towards one side, with accented areas of interest balancing it on the other side.
So people ended up getting more radiation because they were wearing these heavy clothes.
It would have been kind of heavy going to have these two idealists go through this idealistic period without some surprises.
He went so heavy on eyeliner and eye shadow that he himself laughs when he sees the movie today.
We're now off the beach and on the surface roads, and the traffic is already heavy.
Heavy boards make interview candidates seem more serious but not more sociable.
Weightlessness takes a heavy toll on the health of our astronauts.
Pick a smooth stone that fits in your palm, has a uniform thickness, and is neither too heavy nor too light.
Heavy metals from the inorganic dross will be collected and sold as scrap.
He also ignored the enormous resources locked up in heavy oils, oil sands and oil shales.
There are a million applications for a heavy lifter that can be sold as practical reasons for adding some near term funds.
As more researchers enter the field, though, heavy shoveling is required to unearth good results.
As the crystals take on moisture, they may become too heavy for updrafts to support.
So even though your car will be only half as heavy as it was before, it will still be safer when whacked by a heavier one.
It's unclear how long animals would suffer from the urban legacy of concentrated heavy metals.
It is not fair to people who are heavy to be blamed for it.
Weather patterns could shift, bringing drought to once fertile areas and heavy rains to fragile deserts that cannot handle them.
We shouldn't have to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to battling data smog.
We live in an era of mammals, so dinosaur art is heavy with mammal flesh that is simply out of place.
She also emphasizes the technology's efficiency at removing heavy metals.
They're heavy for the energy they store--a bad trait for mobile applications.
Soldiers who are packing multiple portable technologies could soon have less heavy lifting to do.
For example, if the system found lots of photos, it might design a more image-heavy advert.
The shell of the spacecraft must be able to endure heavy loads and intense vibrations.
Mobile phones and laptops are able to create pulsed microwave radiation with heavy frequency jumping.
And the company was concerned about the product's image, given the use of the toxic heavy metal cadmium.
Find out if anyone is involved in some heavy-duty, serious meat and potatoes type of research into biological cognition.
For heavy acceleration and high speed, these vehicles rely on power from both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor.
Robotic avatars could do heavy work in conditions impossible to humans and avoid tragedies affecting millions.
That's because his skin has transformed from a coffee-brown complexion to one more akin to coffee with heavy cream.
Reducing a heavy use of alcohol, and thus experiencing subtle withdrawal symptoms, can be another cause.
Dark woods and heavy fabrics are mainstays of romantic dining, and many dining room chair seats can be easily recovered.
But it's also time to take stock and look back on a year of heavy-duty concert-going.
Either way, you need to use a heavy bottomed pan with a fairly tight-fitting lid, such as a dutch oven.
Look for a wok that is heavy aluminum, stainless steel or traditional cast-iron.
Past studies have found links between psoriasis and both obesity and heavy drinking.
Here's some fast facts about the legendary heavy metal rocker.
Heavy chains were coiled around the container, and holes were punched in the sides.
Whisk the brown sugar, maple syrup and heavy cream into the butter and bring to a boil.
Some had been pulled behind cars to build up their stamina, their necks scarred by heavy collars and logging chains.
Politics, however, remained frozen and the heavy hand of the state remained evident.
And yet somehow, soon enough, those high-tech thermal images would become a flesh and blood enemy in a heavy exchange of fire.
They were told to pat dry afterward and apply a heavy slathering of moisturizer.

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