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Example sentences for heaven

Thanks heaven she finally got around to it: the results are wonderful.
Lazar could have a victory and win an earthly kingdom, or he could choose martyrdom and a place for his people in heaven.
Judged on physical and ecological grounds, it's salmon heaven.
The important thing to remember is that when you die, you go to heaven and you party forever.
Plant this month and you'll be in tomato heaven by midsummer.
Heaven forbid there be any expectation that students pursue actual disciplinary content.
The placement of the body is said to signify honor and bring the dead closer to heaven.
Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there.
What lovely slices of heaven with completely different flavors.
But give them some bitter carrot tops and they're in chicken heaven.
They were blamed for all the evils that justified the transfer of the mandate of heaven.
Ganesha, got his elephant head and saved heaven from the demons.
But heaven forbid, it the excesses that need to be expunged from the system.
The video is definitely not about a monkey gone to heaven.
He says that in heaven the streets are made of beautiful gold and every gate has a pearl.
Also, if you are a golfer, you will be in heaven here.
Crying is frowned upon, as they believe this may hinder the spirit from reaching heaven.
Think of an electronics set from heaven to help geek out your kids' education.
Heaven knows what harm a corpse might suffer from an unlicensed coffin.
It's three pies stuffed into three cakes, stacked to heaven and frosted with sweet regret.
And this time, the wrath really does come from heaven.
But for a thunderstorm that must have seemed heaven-sent, many of the city's public buildings might have burned to the ground.
The pastries were made in spirals as a symbol of approaching heaven, and they are indeed heavenly.
His eye is on heaven and his vision of that destination is acute.
They deliberately froze technology development as a management decree for heaven's sake.
If there are those who did, then heaven heal their souls.
Visions of heaven kept the saints to their work till the right of sick people to be cared for was incidentally established.
Heaven forbid that any of us be judged by our dissertations.
Students, journalists, and other folks who toss gadgets haphazardly in a bag will know this is heaven's sent.
After all, the subsiding of faith might have been foreseeable as soon as the newly remapped sky left no plausible site for heaven.
Molecules ranked at one end of the yardstick stank to high heaven.
Heaven must once have felt this way to the faithful.
And yes, it was only coming from heaven on my birthday.
The food is amazing, the beaches are heaven, and the vibe is decidedly laid-back.
If anyone has earned a shot at blockbuster heaven, she has.
Then a phrase was delivered to him straight from improvisational heaven.
He was torn between the idea that you could go to a heaven where all would be well and the logic that defies that.
They were the tears of heaven, the eyes of spirits, raindrops filled with moonlight.
It was, in other words, a match made in journalism heaven.
Tree-of-Heaven rapidly spreads due to its prolific seed producing capabilities.

Famous quotes containing the word heaven

Mr. Jordan, I never seen anything as beautiful as that, not even in heaven.... more
Seeing myself well lost once more, I sighed, "Where, where in Heaven am I? But don't tell me! O opening clouds, by openi... more
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