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Because giraffes are heartless creatures, and other musings.
Books are the province of romantics and humanists, not heartless nerds.
The desert may be a heartless killer, but it's a sympathetic conservator.
The pirates portrayed in the movies are usually heartless, swashbuckling, and usually sport an eye patch.
Its old-fashioned awnings shield pedestrians in business suits as well as beggars in rags from the heartless sun.
To do what he and his buddies did, you have to be totally heartless.
There has been something crude and heartless and unfeeling in our haste to succeed and be great.
Though apparently it means submission to a beneficent law, in reality the sign is a heartless, cruel joke.
Then followed the heartless laugh, the cutting irony, humiliation without end.
Their heartless hearts, nor arms, nor strength could touch.
In movies, bankers are portrayed as heartless, greed-driven jerks.
For normal politicians, it is folly to tell the base a position they hold is heartless.
No public figure wants to seem heartless, after all.
It is a heartless doctrine and has done harm to humanity.
It may seem heartless to counsel against too much support for the unemployed but incentives matter even when unemployment is high.
Not to sound heartless, but how bad are things really.
Most humans are emotional creatures, not heartless cynics.
Call me heartless, but there is something odd going on here.
Science is not a heartless pursuit of objective information.
Critics have been harsher, suggesting that imposing the provision made authorities look petty if not heartless.
With its boisterous camaraderie, hearty and heartless, the film virtually created the modern concept of hipness.
He's well aware of the stereotype of the scientist who tweaks animals with electrodes and toxins, heartless to their suffering.
While anger is an understandable reaction to what seems a heartless act, euthanizing the animal is the best option.
Being fiscally prudent doesn't necessitate being heartless.
Foster parents and group home caretakers are not mean and heartless.
There was nothing too bad for those heartless creatures to do.
Please explain to me how that isn't heartless, blood-thirsty and pathetic.

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