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Example sentences for hearth

Restaurant chefs looking for the next wave of culinary inspiration embraced the food of the home and hearth.
It's holiday time, when networks trot out their old chestnuts and new specials to warm home, hearth and hearts.
Two windows flank each side of the fireplace with a gray hearth.
In most brick ovens, a wood fire is built directly on the hearth floor.
Scented candles, images of spiritual leaders and a bowl of rose petals line the hearth.
The artist contrasts the warm, earthy hues of the fox's hearth with the shimmering tones of the winter wonderland outside.
He squatted at the hearth and went back to roasting his corn .
And at night she laid him on the hearth, amongst the embers, with the fire all around him.
Your pet might look for a warm resting place, so keep a fire screen around a fireplace hearth and a wood-burning stove.
The kitchen has an eating area and a wood-burning stove in the brick hearth.
He died on Saturday after falling on the hearth of his home the day before.
The blue flames of all four burners on the stainless steel hearth are flicked to high.
Customers can watch as the dough is hand-rolled, placed on long wooden planks and then put into the hearth.
Fusion is the gaudiest of hopes, the fire of the stars in the human hearth.
We aren't also speaking about hearth or other rental destruction.
The pig iron was poured into a vast oven, known as an open-hearth furnace, to make molten steel.
Eliza tries to control herself and feel indifferent as she rises and walks across to the hearth to switch off the lights.
Anyhow, the sign on the door or the hearth should protect you against fire and water and thieves.
The first floor has a sunny living room, a built-in bar and a kitchen with an original brick hearth and modern appliances.
Each had a hearth and an oven, plus platforms that seemed to have been used for sleeping.
At present, hearth products are painted as a major source of emissions and a major source of improvement.
When it does so for several ladles in succession, the condition is called a chilled hearth.
The hearth zone temperatures are maintained sufficiently high to cause melting of the ash.
The molten slag drains into a water quench bath through a taphole in the hearth.
Some of the hanging griddles had small feet so they could stand independently on the hearth as well.
Each mill is equipped with a large rotary hearth furnace.
Roaster types include multiple-hearth, suspension, or fluidized bed.

Famous quotes containing the word hearth

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