heartening in a sentence

Example sentences for heartening

The tremendous improvement in the growth rate of brown trout is particularly heartening.
It's heartening to see only one piece of chaff in the wheat here.
We homeschoolers creatively disobey every day, with heartening results.
The donation system set up is a great idea and it's heartening to know that people care so much.
It's heartening to hear that proper treatment can restore function to those parts of the brain affected by a mental illness.
The world has seen some heartening progress already.
Plus, it's always heartening when success comes to those who deserve it.
Overall, the news they gave was heartening-and alarming, too.
In the meantime, it is heartening to see some of this capital-markets activity coming out of the shadows.
If this argument is correct, it is heartening because it suggests a clear remedy: an overhaul of the financial sector.
It is heartening, then, that the election campaign has confirmed a broad consensus on economic and social policy.
Heartening to see those that can really offer something.
Which was a heartening reminder that they haven't mellowed.
Depending on how you look at things, this is either a heartening prospect or a terrifying one.
For anyone looking to improve the quality of fast food, all this is heartening news.
Such romances and heartening miracles are woven into the visions of the village.
The growing support for shareholder resolutions has been heartening, but those resolutions are precatory only.
With employment at an all-time high, it is especially heartening to see a three percent drop in job-related fatalities.
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