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Example sentences for hearted

The people are kind hearted, the businesses humble and the intentions clearly noble.
In fact, being light-hearted boosted blood flow about the same amount as light exercise or drugs that lower cholesterol.
On a slightly different note, and keeping with the light-hearted spirit of the article.
We will carry on wringing our hands, making half-hearted attempts to alleviate the problem.
Instead, his professors gave him the low grades he deserved for his half-hearted academic efforts.
Wes was big-hearted and humble yet extremely driven.
It reaffirms my desire to help these warm hearted, unconditional loving creatures.
Each page illuminates her big-hearted affection for her home country.
But there was something half-hearted about the protests.
And with schoolchildren on half-term holiday, university students seemed too half-hearted to keep the protests going.
There is already some talk of this, but of a half-hearted nature.
They will never mention what a pure-hearted people my beloved children are.
Yet persuading these canny, experienced buyers to sell is not for the faint-hearted.
There is something light-hearted about these sculptures.
We have put away these childish things: but our maturity has elaborated no art equally joyous and whole-hearted.
Vincent, smiling, called the executioners weak and faint-hearted.
There's a light-hearted, human touch to both of them.
Pawnshops see an uptick in the broke and the broken-hearted.
My sincere and whole-hearted congrats to the happy couple.
Criticisms of astrology these days are almost always light-hearted fluff interest pieces to start with.
My initial comment was more light-hearted than it might have come across.
It's a story of pure-hearted determination rather than knowledge or finesse.
These people are cold-hearted with a friendly smile.
People's response to our separateness can be callous, can be good-hearted, and is always condescending.
The claim is perhaps cagily ingenuous, by a writer often accused of being too cerebral and cool-hearted.
Full-bodied cabernets give way to light-hearted spritzers.
The case for killing the mortgage interest deduction is cold-hearted economics.
But instead, the show is touchingly sweet, and good-hearted about the way it portrays the minute frustrations of parenthood.
The visit lasted well over an hour and was intimate and warm-hearted.
As seriously as these guys take their music, they nevertheless possess the big-hearted sincerity of true midwesterners.
From time to time there are some half-hearted attempts at a crackdown.
And there were the cartoonists who brought light-hearted humor to sometimes difficult jobs.
Individual or organized sports is exciting for all ages as they engage in light-hearted, fun-based physical exercise.

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