heartbroken in a sentence

Example sentences for heartbroken

We are heartbroken for the loss of such a special and beautiful lady.
These are people who are heartbroken, too, and trying to do their best to support the community in the only way available to them.
Other times, he finds himself counselor to heartbroken mothers whose children were struck by bullets meant for someone else.
He was the first opera star to be imitated, drunkenly, by legions of joyful or heartbroken football fans.
Even the scene in which, stubborn and heartbroken, she refuses to yield to her brother's pleas that she change her mind holds up.
Heartbroken souls that wallow in their sorrows and mope in perpetual gloom have got it all wrong.
We're all heartbroken by the lives that have been lost as a result of these events.
My uncle was heartbroken about having to leave the gentleman's body in the ocean.
She was totally heartbroken at the seeming hopelessness of it.
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