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Much of it was heartbreaking, especially the gasping misery of the little children and of the worn-out mothers.
And the blight moved with heartbreaking speed-carried by the wind, animals, insects and humans.
The commitment of these people is impressive-and, at times, heartbreaking.
But the heartbreaking efforts of this disparate team live on in their splendid little gray engine.
Others merely looked upon her with heartbreaking hopelessness.
How heartbreaking for the parents and students and faculty, how terrifying for the community.
Yes, the poverty here is grinding and heartbreaking.
As heartbreaking as those events are-and well worth trying to avert-they're bound to continue somewhere else.
It was, in a curious and perhaps deceptive way, almost heartbreaking.
There's something heartbreaking about surrendering to strangers the delicate moment of giving order to the world.
So, read this heartbreaking book by all means, but don't feel sorry for her.
It was a beautiful country and it was heartbreaking to see why idiots would want to fight over it.
It is heartbreaking to see decent families with small children, nowhere to go.
It was heartbreaking seeing all the suffering on this planet, especially starvation and illness.
The opinion, which you can read here, is heartbreaking.
Although evocative and heartbreaking, this litany doesn't tell the full story.
For them, the advice is confusing and heartbreaking, maybe even insulting.
The personal stories are heartbreaking and infuriating and should inspire readers to do something to address income inequities.
The devastation is unimaginable and is heartbreaking and it's going to be a long road back.
The novel ends with a daring and heartbreaking rescue worthy of this adventure tale.
The patients and their heartbreaking, humbling brains keep them that way.
The statement was heartbreaking in its simple eloquence.
To humiliate them further by walking them off a crowded airplane is cruel, if not heartbreaking.
The scenes were riveting and heartbreaking, but they fundamentally misrepresented the situation.
Despite this heartbreaking setback the space shuttle is once again flying regularly.
It was truly heartbreaking to see what the drug had done to her.
That's the kind of story this is: hopeful, heartbreaking, timeless and occasionally unbelievable.
It has been heartbreaking to hear midwives describe the needless loss of life that has resulted from a simple lack of electricity.
With an increasing frequency, such heartbreaking choices are becoming the reality of nature conservation.
It was hot, heartbreaking work, and yet the volunteers were taking it in stride.
Reading some of these comments is truly heartbreaking.
It was heartbreaking to watch the extent of his grief.
She is at times heroic, and at others heartbreaking, or even silly.
It was a well-written, heartbreaking story that needed to be told.
As devastating and heartbreaking as this all has been, this was an important journey for me-necessary and life-changing.
Whether your life has been touched by mental illness or not, you will find the stories shocking, heartbreaking and hopeful.
Her heartbreaking absence from our lives will leave us forever diminished.
They had been confronted with a heartbreaking situation.
The film is perfectly mediocre, which is heartbreaking, not heartwarming.
Most heartbreaking is that it is not a vacuum at all, but the unfortunate status quo due to university leadership.
It was at once heartbreaking and infuriating and infinitely moving.
It is a heartbreaking fact that no one can change that sad day.
Our younger veterans face a particularly difficult homecoming, and a heartbreaking number are homeless.
The devastation is unimaginable and is heartbreaking and it's going to be a long road back.
Hearing our troops say this when they are already making tremendous sacrifices was heartbreaking.
It is heartbreaking to see one of the horses falter, fall or become injured, especially if it could have been prevented.
Their tale is at times heartbreaking, heartwarming, or infuriating.
It is heartbreaking to think there are kids with mental illnesses who cannot be at home during the holidays.
It is important to keep in mind that behind every statistic listed below, there is a heartbreaking story to be told.
Some of these heartbreaking cases have ended in euthanizing animals that have become overly aggressive.

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