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There may be hidden gems, there may be a lot of heartbreak.
It's all the excitement and heartbreak of soccer condensed into a few anxious seconds.
Not every lawyer works heartbreak hours at a large firm, in other words.
Booze also dulls the pain of heartbreak, an essential theme of country music.
Time might heal metaphorical heartbreak, but an injured heart can rarely repair itself.
Heartbreak brings these military families together.
It is a story of individual heartbreak and corporate defeat.
Failing to find it would be the latest in a long string of missed opportunities and heartbreak.
So she has started exploring the science of heartbreak instead.
Anyone who has flubbed a presentation or bombed an easy test knows the heartbreak of the choke.
The hand-wringing and the heartbreak here turn out to have been unwarranted.
Slammers was closed over the holidays, partly due to weather, and partly due to a severe case of the heartbreak blues.
It was the moment of gallantry in heartbreak, grim and nonchalant banter, and heroic dissipation.
And as for getting over fences, one lifetime would scarcely be enough to record all the heartbreak that fences represent.
Later in the episode, those same expressive eyes are suddenly instruments of heartbreak.
Her friends could only look on with heartbreak and amazement.
Then she suffered a more common form of sports heartbreak.
Overcoming heartbreak may be similar to kicking an addiction, say researchers studying brain images of the lovelorn.
His tone is one of heartbreak, lamenting a sweet romance that has often ended in tragedy.
Neal's offscreen life was the stuff of relentless heartbreak.
We have all witnessed the heartbreak and anguish the disease leaves in its wake.
The purpose is to provide ideas that will help avoid wasted effort and reduce heartbreak in the application of change processes.
We listened to stories and gave aid at a time of great heartache and heartbreak.
Nations wise enough to put past bitterness and heartbreak behind them can find in each other future friends and partners.

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