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Example sentences for heartache

Usually they are sick for a long time, months of sorrow and heartache.
But, billions of dollars and much heartache later, it is ready.
But now it's gathering dust, and maybe even causing you heartache.
Challenge and criticism produces nothing but heartache.
My heart goes out to all the families who are going through the heartache of having a loved one afflicted w/ bipolar disorder.
No one watched the show to see favorite characters face challenges, overcome diseases or feel heartache.
Friends since their teens, they have all had their fair share of heartache and tragedy, joy and success.
My hacking escapades ended up costing me over five years of my life in prison and causing my loved ones tremendous heartache.
He emerged wearing an olive suit and white shoes and feeling heartache beneath his ever-present smile.
She gave up on her marriage, and so asks why should anyone marry and risk the disruption and heartache that its failure cause.
Ten years ago, a similar product might have saved me some serious heartache.
On top of that, the heartache and tragedy of the loss of human life would be completely eliminated.
Allow that technology and science have brought more heartache than their worth.
It was a tough entrepôt and factory town, wrapped in a pall of soot, struggle and heartache.
By far the hardest part was writing about my kids and the heartache of trying to get well in the midst of parenting.
There has been so much in the news about your personal heartache and loss.
She is surrounded by the heartache of those who show up grappling with the oldest of maladies: no money.
Renters aren't immune to the heartache of foreclosure.
He said this is a fitting end to all this heartache.
Check with your county zoning administrator before making repairs to avoid wasted money and heartache.
Because he's right there with us in our endless heartache.
Any of us could be put on that list by mistake- a mistake that can result in severe financial hardship and emotional heartache.
The last goodbyes have been spoken and the heartache of separation begun.
We listened to stories and gave aid at a time of great heartache and heartbreak.
Mayors know all too well the damage and heartache caused by illegal guns.
Taking these important first steps can avoid a lot of heartache.

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