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The heart is the human body's hardest working organ.
The heart must work harder to pump blood out to the body.
When that happens, the heart works harder, expanding to keep up its pumping ability and stretching its walls thin.
As the liver pulses from the pressure of the rat's beating heart, blood spills from the wound.
Muscles in the lower legs help push blood in the legs and feet back to the heart.
Depression, anxiety, anger and other negative emotions have been linked to heart disease and heart attacks.
Pretty soon my heart was no longer the only thing getting heavier.
Create a home with a heart.
What's bad for your ears may also be bad for your heart.
The incident revealed a problem at the heart of the financial system.
The young heart is fickle.
Contrary to conventional wisdom, heart muscle cells do regenerate after heart attacks, researchers have found.
She'll try anything if it's well prepared and cooked from the heart.
He said he didn't think they were funny, which broke my heart.
Even though heart attacks may not be deadly, they can leave your ticker damaged.
Every year, about half a million Americans undergo open- heart surgery.
The heart of the system is a cleaning table complete with sink and cold-water supply.
The right margin of the heart is long, and is formed by the right atrium above and the right ventricle below.
Those dearer, more divine boons whose haven the heart is.
The heart and lungs are situated in the thorax, the walls of which afford them protection.
For years he had been beset with notions concerning his heart.
Depression and chronic stress can be serious strains on heart health.
Long-term effects include obesity, insulin resistance, and heart disease.
Positive results inject life into strategy to treat heart disease.
The potential health benefits of drinking green tea are varied, ranging from preventing bad breath to protecting your heart.
Previous work on statins has shown the drugs reduce heart attacks and strokes, but don't increase life span or better its quality.
It can raise our cholesterol and boost our risk for heart attacks.
The more booze the volunteers imbibed, the higher their overnight heart rate.
Try to justify it all you want, you know in your heart what you really feel.
The brain would have been discarded, and the heart left in the body.
Traditionally, heart failure patients have been discouraged from exercising.
Coronary heart disease is caused by the buildup of plaque in the arteries to your heart.
Without treatment, symptoms of congestive heart failure may develop.
His heart rate pops up on the screen and climbs as his exertions become more vigorous.
So far, the reprogrammed cells have been successfully turned into heart, muscle and brain tissue.
No increase in heart rate, no increase in metabolic rate.
Matters of the heart are too fraught to boil down to the choices offered in a pulldown menu.
Heart disease-supposedly an illness of affluence-is by far and away the biggest cause of global mortality.
Some electronic circuits have also made their way into the bodies of people in the form of heart pacemakers and cochlear implants.
Heart-muscle tissue, for example, has recently been shown to have them.
Alfalfa, that humble feedstuff, is at the heart of an intense debate.
It has already been established that those who siesta are less likely to die of heart disease.
Yet despite these achievements, its activities did not extend into the heart of the rich world.
So these countries are increasingly suffering from rich people's illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes.
The river is probably the only mainstream close to his heart.
He was encouraged in this change of heart by the housing collapse, in which the market for lawn seed was collateral damage.
Vent to your heart's content to control moisture, but keep the pizza in an insulated sleeve, so that the heat stays in.
Oxidative stress and free radical damage to cells may initiate the early stages of cancer and heart disease.
Which means that your purple mouthed cry-juice might not be good for your heart after all.
It's less clear that the cure they prescribe can address the heart of the problem.
Even though specialization is the heart of graduate school, interviewers appreciate a breadth of concerns.
But it seems that absence makes both the palate and the heart grow fonder.
His doctors have given him a diagnosis of stress-related heart disease, but his producers couldn't care less.
The heart becomes thicker-walled from having to pump against the pressure, and less able to respond to the demands of exertion.
The peak output of the heart decreases steadily from the age of thirty.
Their songs return again and again to a specific brand of immobility-the unchanging face that conceals a roiling heart.
The orchestra up in the trees, the heart below, step by step.
The sequins on her dress glitter in the candlelight as if her heart were on fire.
Its shape more resembles that of a heart or a teardrop, or something that you would want to have a hazmat suit on to touch.
Only later did they discover that one of their volunteers had suffered heart failure in the hubbub.
At the last moment, the anesthesiologist managed to slip a tube through the vocal cords and reestablish oxygen flow to the heart.
Unless you're putting money on it, nothing is at stake except your reputation for wisdom in matters of the heart.
As the laser pulse changes its speed, the heart alters its beat to match.
The heart of the sensor is an array of tiny but powerful lasers that can be tuned over a wide range of wavelengths.
The new sticky tape could also be made into drug-delivery patches for placement directly on organs including the heart.
The zebrafish's beating heart can be seen through its transparent skin.
My heart was beating either much too much or much too little.
But getting a well-crafted goal in the waning minutes of extra time to crown a champion is a rare and heart-pounding treat.
The resulting show wasn't only bad-it was allegedly heart-breaking.
It is a state of mind or heart rather than a place or people.
And yet the heart always drew back from the power of her will and its engagement with disaster.
When he set to work on his new tragedy, he likely had it by heart-or as much of it as he chose to remember.
How a broken heart can really break your heart, violent games can ease your stress, and the lowest-stress job around.
And if you want to know about heart disease, ask and upholsterer.
And if this method works, it could make stem cells a potent tool for addressing heart disease.
Stem cells placed in a scaffolding generate a brand new rat heart outside the body.
Further experiments confirmed that the electrolyte imbalance led to a heart shutdown.
Instead of raiding a patient's body for a vein, heart surgeons could create a new one made from human cells.
His alternative not only eliminates dark matter, it strikes at the heart of modern physics.
Viral meningitis usually causes a fever and accelerated heart rate.
Among the grim catalog of predictions is that the current top two killers-heart disease and stroke-will hold on to their rankings.
Eardrums burst, bubbles appear in the bloodstream, the heart slows.
Because neutrinos barely interact with ordinary matter, they can allow a direct look into the heart of a star.
Asthma, allergies, and heart disease get worse under the stress of heat and smog.
Primates are dear to my heart, and there are no easy solutions.
New data suggest that aggressive drug treatments to reduce known heart-disease risk factors don't actually help diabetes patients.
Growing evidence suggests that pollutants in car exhaust may trigger heart attacks.
After the heart stops, there may be a few last, shallow breaths.
Home is where your heart is, and your focus this year will be to grow and expand the networks that keep those home fires thriving.
He pitched dummy's last heart on his king of clubs, ruffed a heart in dummy, came to a high trump and ruffed a club.
For one thing, it can trigger irregular heart rhythms, which might have contributed to the fainting spells.
He took the king of clubs, led a diamond to dummy and returned a heart to his queen.
Thus, fat spills over into parts of the body such as the heart, liver and pancreas.
East's weak two-heart opening bid marks him with six hearts, so he has only space for seven cards in the other three suits.

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