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The nation's military lawyers disagree, saying that even in wartime, there are plenty of ways to avoid flat-out hearsay.
Hearsay evidence, for instance, is admissible in court.
The problem was that her testimony had already been deemed inadmissible hearsay.
Dozens of people are convicted each year, though hearsay is often used as evidence and accusers invent verbal transgressions.
Please fill up the comments below with hearsay and conjecture and rumor.
Prosecutors had argued that the witness's testimony would be inadmissible under the hearsay rule.
It has to be said that those dark reputations were largely based on hearsay.
Her statements about what happened may be true or they may be false, but they are certainly not hearsay.
Ask people for comment before printing claims about them or attributing hearsay to them.
Touting hearsay from others does not qualify as fact.
And the theft of private property based on hearsay and trumped up charges.
They usually begin by hailing the glamour and allure of the stylish first lady, and then bury her under an avalanche of hearsay.
The salesperson chose to make a generalization based on hearsay and gut feeling.
But a single hearsay report to an officer would not be enough to trigger an inquiry.
The hearsay in the market is that panic covering by nonfinancial intermediaries is occurring on a wide scale.
Until officialdom acts, it is best not to comment on hearsay.
People who think they know from hearsay picture a bone-dry landscape puckered with sagebrush and tumbleweed.
In many cases the public's conclusions are even based solely on hearsay about news reports.
Someone mentioned about asthma and allergies linking to vaccination and again, those claims are based on nothing but hearsay.
But much that has been written about his life is based on hearsay, has the feeling of myth and is uncheckable.
It is a general reference source filled with both fact, opinion, and hearsay.
By your own admission, you have little knowledge and even that is based on hearsay.
It has a number of factual errors, relies on hearsay and is so anecdotal it should not have been published.
They allow the use of hearsay evidence, which similarly deprives the defendant of an opportunity to cross-examine his accuser.
It is an epilogue, and he is only there through hearsay.
So, he salts his work with hearsay and spurious speculation, mostly about dead or anonymous people.
The judge had ruled that the material could not be included because it involved hearsay evidence.
That's hearsay testimony, of course: genes cannot be directly dated.
These were doubted until fairly recently, because there was no evidence for them apart from hearsay.
Most of the arguments put to him could be dismissed as optical illusions, or as hearsay.
The dread was based more on hearsay than actual experience.
Though the paper record had gaps, it answered the need for detail better than hearsay could.
Hearsay is admissible in the hearing, but is not persuasive if contested.
Hearsay is not admissible unless it fits within some exception to the hearsay rule.

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