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Hearing loss is being partly or totally unable to hear sound in one or both ears.
Another may experience a certain taste upon hearing a particular sound.
Next the researchers presented the tone without the shock so the rats had memories of hearing the sound without cause for fear.
Hearing the sound then made the animals freeze in fear--and triggered production of the protein in activated brain cells.
Her acute hearing picked up the sound of his hairy hand palpating his chin.
US slow in adopting helpful hearing induction loops.
For everyone who's blown out their ears with loud music, a bit of good news: gene therapy might rejuvenate your hearing.
Army and others are testing a new pill that may prevent hearing loss.
Listening to music involves not only hearing but also visual, tactile and emotional experiences.
The low-tech hearing aid is an update to simply cupping your hand to your ear.
Loyalty programs for music fans is a neat idea, and we're surprised we're not hearing about more bands doing similar stuff.
The second objection is that the accused company is denied a fair hearing.
The findings could have implications for treating hearing impairments.
Sometimes months will go by without hearing from the zoo.
And along with the grins, the hearing viewer can see how much gets left out of live-action captioning.
Equally unclear is why the chancellor who presided over the hearing permitted such wide-ranging testimony.
Having little or no sense of smell, dolphins make up for it with a sharp sense of hearing.
Though her hearing is not what it used to be, a hearing aid makes up for that.
In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, we'd sure appreciate hearing them.
Still it remains a market with huge potential, though foreign brewers must now be rather tired of hearing that.
They gather in large groups, and you can't miss hearing their loud calls.
It totally breaks my heart hearing about the killings.
Loud noises cause hearing loss in part by prompting the ear's mitochondria to produce free radicals.
The team's representatives at the hearing squirmed in the spotlight.
Her high-tech equipment even captured sounds below the range of human hearing.
Hearing these types of commentaries help all of us take action and get things done.
Motion that were not sufficiently addressed at the hearing or in the parties' papers.
For many people, hearing coyotes howl in the distance is a beautiful experience.
Hearing monologues and dialogues, however, did not significantly reduce performance on the same tasks.
The consequences of its arrival are felt-on the riverbank, in public hearing rooms and in courthouses-to this day.
Three months after the treatment, his hearing test showed a nearly ideal profile of balance and sensitivity.
Hearing aids have never been something that people want to be seen wearing.
Similarly, on hearing a fire alarm many people do absolutely nothing.
Odors may help them figure out what they're hearing.
Aging is not for the squeamish: skin sags, joints ache and hearing might start to go.
She met her court-appointed lawyer five minutes before the hearing.
Hearing some of your side of the story adds depth and detail to our understanding of the situation.
But the difference between hearing someone's story and seeing it on film is immense.
Which is why you're hearing these derogatory remarks.
We won't be hearing from them again until the spring.
In blind people, parts of the brain that normally process sight are instead devoted to hearing.
She recalled hearing that peppers cause intestinal distress.
Orcas rely on hearing to navigate, communicate, and hunt.
It has great hearing and large eyes that help it spot prey in the dark.
In the film, the narration comes from the penguins' perspective-we're hearing their thoughts.
His fairness won him a hearing and his good-will gave him effectiveness.
The internal ear is the essential part of the organ of hearing, receiving the ultimate distribution of the auditory nerve.
The hearing ear is always found close to the speaking tongue.
Which, hearing them, would call their brothers fools.
The doctor had scolded her and had declared she was in danger of losing her hearing.
Hearing problems usually come on gradually, and rarely end in complete deafness.
Hearing loss occurs when the tiny hairs inside the ear are damaged or die.
There is no known single cause for age-related hearing loss.
In this way, they studied three children of deaf parents and three children of hearing parents.
Even though none of them reported actually hearing anything.
It stands to reason that this develops sensitivity of hearing.
Being touched or hearing a heartbeat is familiar because they heard it in the womb.
Next month a federal court is due to hold a hearing on the agreement, which will help shape the future of the digital publishing.
But the long-overdue hearing is being overshadowed by accusations of a lesser sort: corruption and political interference.
They are open in both membership and arguments, priding themselves on giving all voices a hearing.
Many players talk about hearing a piece in a dream and then waking up able to play it.
We can live without seeing or hearing-in fact, without any of our other senses.
Spotted hyenas have good hearing and sharp eyesight at night.
Taking regular doses of antimalarial drugs can have long-term side effects, such as hearing loss and liver and kidney damage.
Rhinos have sharp hearing and a keen sense of smell.
While on the hunt, they rely upon their senses of hearing and smell because their eyesight is weak.
Cut over the ear for unrestricted hearing and comfort.
Look forward to seeing all the pictures and hearing about all you have done.
It is short-acting, and if taken too frequently can cause serious side effects, including hearing loss.
But if your hearing starts to fade, get ready for sticker shock and frustration.
The relative quiet can really be felt with this headset, as it blocks out the noise you might be hearing over the movie.
But there's no doubt that hearing each other's voices abruptly changed our social milieu.
Hearing is second only to sight in terms of speed, our ears processing some one million pieces of information every second.
Only the deaf appreciate hearing, only the blind realize the manifold blessings that lie in sight.
Particularly does this observation apply to those who have lost sight and hearing in adult life.
Hearing aids help millions of people, but many resist them because they think wearing one carries a social stigma.
Repeating a phone number soon after hearing it, for instance, uses short-term memory.
He and his students have designed educational games in which hearing-impaired children, wearing the gloves, learn sign language.
The idea is to develop software to translate sign language into text, easing communication between the hearing and the deaf.
How much tin foil is wasted in your house to prevent the government from hearing your thoughts.
Apart from a slight loss of hearing, he is in robust health, and when he rises to greet guests he towers above them.
He also began hearing unlikely oscillations in the ringing: aural hallucinations.
And hearing a live band working in tight unison with a good singer is a reliable pleasure.
They don't even have to see them-hearing their call is enough.
After a year or so, he was hearing voices on the television talking directly to him.
All of these points are well and good and worth hearing again.
But once teachers have been awarded tenure by their principal, they have the right to a hearing before they can be fired.
He loved to hear himself talk, didn't spend much time listening, and did not enjoy hearing that he might be wrong.
For instance, it's possible that the downward slope changed the animal's sense of hearing.
She loves to be in the field, but on this trip she was not enjoying what she was hearing and seeing.
It's a code, and has the right information in it, but it's not the same as hearing the orchestra.
Apparently people report hearing a tremendous explosion at the time, too.
However, it is rather entertaining to see all the right-wingers choking on their morning coffee upon hearing the news.
Feeling the movement is different than seeing it or hearing it.
Suddenly, she started hearing wolf whistles when she walked down the street.
They had been hearing that for several days, but no winter uniforms had arrived.
Social shopping is a buzz phrase you'll be hearing a lot about soon.
Ice caps are melting, and we're hearing that could push sea levels up.
If their hearing is damaged, it becomes impossible for them to live.
If no hearing is opened, rates are automatically deemed prudent and reasonable.
No one spoke against it at a hearing earlier this month.
The purpose of hearing and vision screening is to identify children who may have a visual or a hearing impairment.

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