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Heaps of debris have been neatly laid along both sides of the road.
And the slings and arrows of outraged misfortune will no doubt fly and land in heaps.
Despite heaps of debt, he buys an expensive sports car, anticipating success.
It spreads heaps of petroleum-based fertilizers, which then run off into streams and watersheds.
The ash is dissolved by hydrogen fluoride and can be processed to recover heaps of valuable minerals.
Heaps of publicity about their predictions, virtually none about their failures.
In some places, the reactor buildings appear to be little more than heaps of twisted metal and crumbling concrete.
To the west and south are the grayish silhouettes of the gravel heaps and towers and conveyors of a concrete company.
To do it, they relied on heaps of chemical fertilizer.
The staff made copies for the owners and stored the originals in heaps, until they could be catalogued.
When billions of hadrons are smashed they create heaps of extraneous particles which obfuscate the picture.
The official poverty measure is politically untouchable because it is used to allocate heaps of public money.
He called in the police and has so far succeeded in delaying publication, but at the cost of earning heaps of ridicule.
In the event, adding heaps of money to an unaccountable bureaucracy made matters worse.
Only the loss of countless lives and heaps of money spent on this unending war on terror.
The wealthy already have consolidated their wealth and corporations are already sitting on record heaps of cash.
Better yet to dig a hole in the ground, start making heaps, and train your squash vines up their sides.
By nightfall, heaps of debris fan out around the openings.
In deserted villages a few houses stand among heaps of rubble.
Cracked and empty shells lie in heaps on the seafloor at the site of the smashing incident.
Microorganisms and earthworms thrive in compost heaps that have moisture levels comparable to a wrung-out sponge.
In one eerie chamber, a sculpture made of femurs rose from the scattered heaps.
But here and there lie heaps of concrete rubble, remnants of buildings already dismantled.
The highway teems with wandering refugees and with convoys bearing heaps of charcoal from the forests to the south.
They were served in his barn the traditional way-strewn in heaps across bare tables-with beer on the side.
Desolate heaps of office buildings and intersections, they bustle misleadingly from nine to five before dying at dusk.
Here they discover middle-aged suburbanites happily copulating in heaps.
Let us heap up mountains of human heads, and pile up heaps of human entrails.
He shows me a scrapbook with snapshots of enormous heaps of rat's tails.
Some are rubble heaps held together only loosely by their own gravity.
He likes sulfites and heaps contumely on the super-Tuscans.
The funeral pyres, once piled more than a meter high, are now nothing but smoldering heaps of ash and fragmented bone.
The plant is a perennial that multiplies to form heaps or mounds up to three feet wide and a foot tall.

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