heaping in a sentence

Example sentences for heaping

The faculty see the e-learning initiatives as heaping more work on their shoulders.
Instead of heaping pressure on herself to succeed, she learned to roll with her golf shots.
Working in batches, drop batter into the pan by heaping tablespoons.
Fill the pepper halves heaping full with the quinoa mixture.
Make a large hole in each meat loaf and fill with a heaping tablespoon of the stuffing mix, reshaping to cover the stuffing mix.
We keep heaping on new regulations on to our businesses.

Famous quotes containing the word heaping

In the morning I awake, and find the old world, wife, babes, and mother, Concord and Boston, the dear old spiritual worl... more
The heaping together of paintings by Old Masters in museums is a catastrophe; likewise, a collection of a h... more
The snow had begun in the gloaming, And busily all the night Had been heaping field and highway With a sile... more

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