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Example sentences for heaped

Waitresses serve sandwiches, the bun tops tilted backward to accommodate the pile of brisket heaped under them.
Filled with white water, as though heaped with snow.
On the piano is a dessert dish heaped with fruit and sweets, mostly chocolates.
It's sliced with pitted roads, heaped with logs and brush.
Whereupon they're in her apartment again, taking their clothes off, she excitedly cuddling her new doll in a bed heaped with them.
Although there was little food to share, meat was always heaped onto my section of the communal plate.
Some of the criticism heaped on credit-default swaps is misguided.
Most of the blame for this should be heaped on the leaders of the euro zone, still the biggest immediate danger.
Grain is often heaped on the ground and covered with a sheet: no wonder the rats get at it.
Yet some of the opprobrium heaped on his government's immigration policy is misguided.
The opprobrium heaped on ratings firms is only partly deserved.
We heaped praise on the oven-fresh, crackling pita: out came a small tower.
After indignity heaped upon indignity, the bride rebels against her husband when he suffers a stroke.
Alas, the story soon was spread and derision heaped upon his head.
Gold-bearing ore was mined, crushed and stacked or heaped on a multi-layered, lined pad.
The edges of the ulcer were heaped up and firm, but there appeared to be no involvement of the surrounding mucosa.
Many and long are the duties heaped upon their shoulders.
Without local rent protections, unlimited rent increases can be heaped upon captive homeowners.
Ore is heaped onto open-air leach pads with a base of asphalt or plastic sheeting.
Secondary homes are especially abundant in summer and frequently consist of a pile of leaves and bark heaped onto a twig platform.

Famous quotes containing the word heaped

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