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While the player was unhurt, his car was a shredded heap of mangled metal.
For decades economists have stood at the top of the heap and historians near the bottom.
But all too soon, his amazing skill gets him into a heap of trouble.
He looked at the heap of mashed turnips, and the golden baked squash, and the pale fried parsnips.
They will be remembered long after their robotic brothers are shipped off to the scrap heap.
To do it all, you need a whole heap of processing power.
That's stuck with me ever since and it has kept me out of a heap o' trouble.
The first generation of robotic tuna had to be tethered to a heap of electronics the size of a fridge.
Shred your scraps and mix them into your backyard or school compost heap.
He collapsed in a heap and remained face down on the mound for several minutes.
At one spot, right next to a bus stop, the wall has toppled and the boulders are piled in a heap.
Finance is near the top of the academic heap in terms of salary.
So too with obesity, which causes diseases such as diabetes: it is increasing fastest among those at the bottom of the heap.
Ensuring proper air flow prevents noxious odors and resets the temperature so the heap heats evenly.
Better to figure out how to live in peace on our little dung heap.
But there's actually plenty of air whipped into the heap of delicate, sweetened crystals.
He is dealing with many many issues and insecurity is at the top of that heap.
Some firms are generating such a huge heap of cash that they need platform boots to see the top of it.
And she is no longer picking rags off a stinking garbage heap for virtually nothing.
Because whichever service becomes the executive agent gets a heap of money and power, to go along with the responsibility.
Humans, however, are not yet ready for the junk heap.
These foods create odors and attract pests and scavengers to your compost heap.
But while the new picture may answers some questions, it also creates a heap of new mysteries.
Consider that each band in the heap represents two human lives standing under a wedding canopy, smiling and imagining a future.
It also relies on people not burying their heads in a steaming heap of denial when problems do arise.
They are then repeatedly bought and sold for ever-diminishing sums, and are ultimately destined for the scrap heap.
Paper coffee filters are also prime for the compost heap.
If you're a cyclist, then you likely have a heap of them stowed away, ready for to use.
The main reason poor people are stressed is that they are at the bottom of the social heap as well as the financial one.
From the heap the claws recovered a brown bottle and a piece of wood.
P, plus the dog deciding that he wanted to lie on top of the heap.
Outside is a vast heap of litter and plastic bags used by children as a lavatory.
For these boats were thrown onto the scrap heap at the peak of their evolutionary development.
Also remember that while you are being courted as a candidate, you are at the top of the heap.
Nor, however, is it sufficient to heap contempt on the rioters as if they are a pariah caste.
She and other volunteers cuddle and feed and heap copious praise on the children, who light up in their presence.
Trying to make fuel and energy from it took a heap of money too.
People live and work in the garbage heap, and say they feel lucky to do so.
When faced with a bigger plate, people are inclined to heap on-and consume-more food.
They were clustered in a little heap, after dividing in a petri dish for almost three weeks.
However, wood has a finite life whether in buildings or in the scrap heap after the building has been torn down.
The entire dung heap of mathematical theory makes not a single predication about the world.
But surely an uncompacted heap of rock and dirt wouldn't persist for half a billion years.
The book is lying on top of my heap-of-books-to-read.
Bloggers are golden when they're at the bottom of the heap, kicking up.
But it will heap yet more financial pressure on strugglers.
Copper wiring goes in one heap, aluminium foil in another.
Then the blazing finale as a heap of gasoline-soaked bodies were set afire.
The kids are dropped into an enormous arena strewn with traps and hazards, with a heap of weapons and supplies in the middle.
Regional department-store chains in smaller to midsize cities are already under pressure, but some have an extra heap of woe.
And they heap scorn on opponents for letting old promises and arbitrary moral barriers stand in the way of human betterment.
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Instead, one can make use of the free store, or heap as it is often called.

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