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The first benefit was that healthy children are more likely to attend school and better able to learn.
In healthy people, the pancreas naturally produces insulin, which converts sugars and starches into energy.
Amanda recently wrote about cinnamon having a reputation as a good food for healthy eyes, and it got me thinking about spices.
Advocates for healthy school lunches are understandably upset.
Healthy living doesn't happen at the doctor's office.
Insects are high in proteins and low in fats, making them quite healthy to eat.
Although well worth it in terms of your health, eating healthy and organic foods can initially be tricky and time-consuming.
Healthy aging may be possible with some genetic help.
Some advertisers routinely entreat us to undermine our health, but rarely through overt attacks on healthy behavior.
Their research also suggests that the habit of eating fruit at the end of a meal is a healthy one.
Browse this gallery to see photos of healthy and degraded reefs around the world.
There's a difference between a good healthy posture and an uptight ramrod.
Typically a researcher inoculates healthy plants with fungi, a virus or bacteria to learn how a disease works.
Healthy volunteers feel the benefit of medication plus a placebo boost.
Fortunately, physicians no longer believe that bleeding the sick will make them healthy.
The ideal individual will promote wellness by leading a healthy lifestyle.
However, this long expansion had two phases: a healthy boom and an unhealthy bubble.
Researchers say they have genetically modified pigs to make their meat as healthy as seafood.
Discover the power of a healthy smile and the history of dentistry through surprising exhibits for the whole family.
Tan was cultural, tan was affluent, tan was healthy.
As always, variety and moderation are the key principles in providing a healthy diet for children as well as adults.
The first farmers were less healthy than the hunter-gatherers had been in their heyday.
Eating a healthy diet does more to give you beautiful skin than applying expensive creams and treatments.
Anyone who hasn't heard the healthy lifestyle message has to be living under a rock.
Studies have found that graduate school is not a particularly healthy place.
After all, healthy people can work longer and harder than sick people.
Choose eco-friendly decor for a healthy night's sleep.
They isolated a pathogen from a sick individual and injected it into a healthy one.
Many scientists consider the loss of healthy mitochondria to be an important underlying cause of aging in mammals.
There are many healthy options available when preparing this dish.
On the center-left, you begin to see a healthy skepticism of government.
Sustainable seafood represents a healthy relationship with our oceans that can endure forever.
Living foods keep people healthy and dead foods contribute to people s early demise.
But for many people living in low-income neighborhoods or communities of color, eating healthy is simply not an option.
As health-care costs rise, colleges struggle to keep relations with workers healthy.
One advantage of the new method is the amount of coverage that can be achieved with a given amount of healthy skin.
Scientists say they have genetically modified pigs to make their meat as healthy as seafood.
If the damage is not too extensive, cancerous or precancerous cells are created from healthy cells.
We who think that colleges and universities in a healthy society will reflect.
The food is easy for the body to process, healthy and promotes better sleep.
They are healthy and living in the community, but they can easily outlive their savings.
Healthy woolly bears also ingest alkaloids, but only in small amounts, apparently to make themselves unsavory to predators.
Researchers uncover gene mutations that contribute to disease by screening the genomes of thousands of healthy and ill people.
Homemade organic products support healthy skin care and the environment.
Healthy healthy healthy, throw everything on the alter of health and forget about anything else.
Explore the nutritional guidelines for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Follow these guidelines to grow happy, healthy shrubs.
The process of vetting healthy devils is a delicate one.
But she also knows that you all are quite capable of thinking and plotting and scheming with a healthy selfishness.
Honesty, the ability to demonstrate a broad set of skills, and a healthy dose of self-awareness can go a long way in helping.
Infected plants will produce healthy new shoots add to my plant list.
The dwarfing process can take a decade, and a healthy bonsai can live a century or more.
Length of the walk doesn't matter, developing a healthy habit does.
For best results, choose relatively small plants with healthy foliage.
All of which shows you that healthy living can be so not worth it.
Few healthy cells make these enzymes, so they are a reliable marker of tumours.
But ours is a tradition of eccentricity and earthly pleasures and a healthy disrespect for the powers that be.
Drought-stressed plants are far more likely to be damaged during cold winters than healthy ones.
Nonetheless, it is healthy to review periodically our long-standing practices.
Container shipping, which carries many manufactured goods, is healthy.
Learn how to eat healthy while lowering your seafood footprint.
While flavor reigns supreme, seafood is an important part of a well balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Because of this over-inflation, emphysema patients need to inhale much more oxygen than people with healthy lungs.
The rub is that unequal countries also tend to be less healthy.
Some fats are healthy for the heart, and many carbohydrates clearly are not.
And in crediting his running with this achievement-healthy body, healthy mind, and so forth-he strikes a sunnier note.
Maintaining a healthy weight is also slightly correlated with improved word recall.
And if they have their way, it will have a healthy future.
Heat from their pulses tends to build up and vaporize healthy tissue.
Eating right, exercising and not smoking are all important for staying healthy.
Estimates suggest that several thousand people worldwide wish to get rid of a normal healthy limb.
Healthy soils promote a balance of organisms in the garden.
Their steady and healthy growth should still be matured.
He concocts strategies ostensibly for the prolongation of a healthy life.
Colleges and universities can only thrive if society and the biosphere are healthy.
That's the only thing that will help you stay healthy.
It came on suddenly, and my father had been so crazily healthy his whole life that it was really stunning.
By providing a variety, all may get enough to be healthy.
One might also argue that it is healthy to be less nonchalant about jokes or games about violence or weapons.
That's one reason why foods containing antioxidants are thought to be so healthy.
First, a test tube was seeded with healthy monkey cells.
No differently than someone born blind learns to live happily and healthy.
But why otherwise healthy knees give way is still not understood.
But by the other metrics it occupies a healthy middle ground.
Healthy-looking people were sampling local hams, heirloom tomatoes and raw-milk cheeses.
His brain responses were the same as those in the healthy controls.
Insurers used to tolerate losses on their underwriting business because healthy investment returns more than made up for them.
So far, credit derivatives seem to have been healthy for the banking system.
Yet another attraction is the relatively healthy state of car lending.
As outsiders cut back, a credit squeeze is threatening even healthy borrowers.
The government, meanwhile, has said it has enough food stockpiled from two years of healthy harvests to prevent high inflation.
And you can also be overweight and otherwise healthy.
To have a healthy mouth and perhaps healthier heart brush, floss and get regular check-ups.
Although doctors recommend regular exercise to maintain a healthy heart, long-term athletic training comes with risks.
The researchers then studied the intensity of the glow coming from healthy and wounded corals.
But the dolphins go back to healthy blood sugar levels after they eat.
As long as a jellyfish is healthy, it devotes all its energy to eating.
Vaccines being made to protect people from swine flu may not be so healthy for threatened species of sharks.
The arm behaved in an identical fashion to what it would in a healthy octopus.
The children who race out to greet us look healthy and happy and crowd around with a mix of excitement and fear.
For truly healthy, try a pot of ginger peppermint tea, which aids digestion and clears the nose.
Writer believes that he is fortunate to have been born with a strong, healthy body.
The solution was to promote the eating of apples as a healthy snack.
Productivity-how much output workers produce per hour of work-is the key to a healthy economy.
Ferry looks healthy and is in strong voice-which made the fact that he was hidden inside his own show all the more strange.
There was a proliferation of skepticism that was, ultimately, healthy.
My point here isn't to suggest that a diet including modest amounts of lean meat can't be healthy.
They champion healthy eating, land conservation, and better conditions for workers.
The gene not only repairs wasted or injured muscles but also strengthens healthy ones.
In all-you-care-to-eat programs, well-trained staffers serve portions in line with healthy eating.
The medical strategy also treats clients as patients, eliminating potential customers who feel healthy.
Then it's about starting from a healthy ground zero and building a new character from there.
There's little that will stop the others from growing into healthy trees within the first year.
Even the healthy, happy, successful ones have had their ups and downs.
Controlling inflammation could be the key to a healthy old age.
He went on long hikes in the mountains, he ate healthy foods, and he meditated.
He also spent a lot of time picturing himself healthy and visualizing good strong blood cells destroying the cancer in his body.
Within four weeks the patient's sores were clean and filled with healthy tissue.
Most of those bacteria actually help to keep the skin healthy by competing with dangerous pathogens for nutrients.
Obviously it's the quest to transform ice cream into a healthy food.
These connections were weaker among both the drug users and their relatives, compared to the healthy unrelated volunteers.
In healthy lungs good, oxygen-rich air is drawn down into tiny air sacs called alveoli.
Eliminating dying cells keeps a mouse healthy, wealthy, and wise.
One couple was recently raising two apparently healthy children.
Researchers have found differences between the saliva protein profiles of healthy individuals and those with certain cancers.
Fires helped keep the trees healthy, ensured bigger crops, and made it easier to gather the nuts.
The calf appeared healthy at birth but died from a bacterial infection two days later.
In healthy cells, the notes form music in harmony, indicating a healthy state.
Even then, tumor cells may remain deeply lodged, replicating and spreading quickly through healthy brain tissue.
Researchers have created healthy stem cells from adult cells--no embryo required.
That's useful, they say, because no other measure gives this kind of symmetric signal for all healthy people.
These healthy cells were transplanted back into the mouse, whose immune system accepted them as the animal's own tissue.
The treated mouse began producing healthy red blood cells on its own.
Chemotherapy drugs wash in and out of tumors quickly and end up attacking healthy tissues.
Cancer cells have many more folic-acid receptors on their surface than healthy cells do.
Conventional chemotherapy can wreak havoc on healthy tissue, causing painful side effects, and it's not always effective.
Superficially, it appears healthy: websites have grown more powerful and clever over the past decade.
He set out to create his own healthy climate--and prove his doctors wrong.
Traditional chemotherapies can affect both healthy and cancerous cells, leading to severe side effects.
Without healthy retinal pigment epithelium, the photoreceptors begin to sicken and die, causing loss of vision.
But when he tested his method for producing a healthy population of silkworms, he discovered the disease was still present.
One worry is that the electric-field treatment could affect healthy cells that are dividing.
Both ideas protect individual citizens and corporations for a healthy and productive society.
The e-bike provides an efficient alternative for healthy transport.
While used book stores may have previously been in a downward cycle, it's not for lack of a healthy used book market.
Moulage artists make healthy folks look bad for these occasions, and they are in high demand in the post-9/11 world.
The growth would dissolve with no chemotherapy, and no harm to healthy tissue.
Next, the molecules that could adhere to the cancer cell were mixed with healthy cells.
If they also stuck to the healthy cells, they were punted.
These exercises will keep the rest of your body healthy and functioning, as well.
But if there is such a thing as a healthy boom, we're living it now.
The upper echelons also subject themselves to megadoses of healthy criticism.
Healthy participants were exposed to three different viral strains.
Eighty percent became healthy blastocysts, and were then frozen.
Protecting children from junk-food marketing would help create conditions conducive to achieving a healthy weight.
So-called healthy perfectionists embrace the trait's sunnier side while minimizing its darker features.
Maybe our bodies of the future will be able to be healthy within this toxic mix.
By making it easier to eat healthy foods will, in time, give us back our preindustrial weight.
Pigeon breeders prize the skin folds and take great pains to cultivate a large, healthy-looking wattle on show birds.
The healthy fathers, however, had correspondingly healthy daughters.
Staying connected to other people is part of staying healthy, at any age.
Fasting is the perfect way to introduce new healthy habits and foods into your life.
Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans.
He'd much rather talk to you about staying healthy in the first place.
While the lunches are a step in the right direction, they aren't as healthy as they could have been.
Although insulin resistance is a detriment in healthy adults, it turns out to be helpful for proper fetal development.
There are many different ways to lose or maintain a healthy weight.

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