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Exercise and healthful foods can help the heart do its job.
It is healthful and results in lower rates of cancer, heart disease, domestic violence and mental illness.
Problem is, plenty of healthful foods are bitter, too.
It's been touted for its healthful, anti-inflammatory properties.
If healthful packaged food was what consumers wanted, food companies would find a way to make it for them.
The next logical study would be to measure the healthful benefits of this over the long term.
Pills can be replaced by fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats and other healthful foods.
Write down five to seven healthful dinners on index cards.
Food service workers try to make it easy for kids to eat healthful foods.
It's been thought that sharing your life with a dog is healthful.
Mattocks is a proponent of teaching children to eat and shop for healthful foods.
Studies show that junk foods tend to cost less than fruits, vegetables and other healthful foods, whose prices continue to rise.
Diets that are excessively low in calories are considered dangerous and do not result in healthful weight loss.
Hardly a month goes by without a report that hails coffee, tea or caffeine as healthful or damns them as potential killers.
Those two old friends, a healthful diet and plenty of exercise, have repeatedly been shown to protect the brain.
Food can be healthful, real and part of a marriage between humans and the rest of the world.
Access to healthful foods among an urban food insecure population: perceptions versus reality.
Making more healthful foods and beverages available is all about making nutritious choices easy for students.
Accessing the necessary foods for maintaining a healthful diet can be especially challenging for low-income people.
Promote educational and training programs addressing the maintenance and operation of equipment in a safe and healthful manner.

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