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Example sentences for health club

The resort features a state of-the-art health club and spa, a swimming pool, a lazy river and a fitness center.
Suppose you've taken up the game of squash and want to play at a health club.
There is a heated pool and health club, as well as two restaurants.
He had previously purchased the same coat, however it was stolen at his health club and wanted another to replace it.
There's also a good-sized swimming pool, health club and multi-cuisine restaurant.
Otherwise, you'd be working out in an optical health club right now.
All that remains is a sign advertising the health club.
Instead, the line will offer spa and health club packages in key ports of call.
Go to the gym or health club aboard your cruise ship the day before you return.
And they are regulars at the health club, where they swim and lift weights.
Guests have access to a health club with workout equipment, indoor pool, rooftop tennis courts and spa services.
Hotel amenities include an on-site health club, an on-site laundry facility and an on-site restaurant.
The hotel does not have an on-site fitness center, but offers access to a nearby health club.
The hotel has two full-service restaurants, a health club and meeting space.
Guests also can access the indoor pool and health club.
But when deciding to join a health club, it's important to make the right choice.
All money collected before a club opening must be held in escrow until the health club opens.
Fitness directors oversee the fitness-related aspects of a health club or fitness center.
Some common administrative jobs in sports are tournament director, health club manager, and sports program director.
All new members of the golf club would be required to purchase a membership in the health club.
Lifestyle experts often suggest that a healthy and active lifestyle does not require a health club membership.
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