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Henrietta's descendants, meanwhile, have remained poor and often unable to afford health insurance.
It provides an alibi for health insurance companies so they don't have to pay for treatment for these sick kids.
Some seek security-three meals a day, clean clothes and a warm bed, health insurance and dental care.
And don't forget to check your health insurance to make sure you'll be covered abroad.
Forty odd million people still don't have health insurance coverage.
And there's plenty of other types of discrimination that are not workplace or health insurance.
At first, many of the people using the exchange will be those who are unable to pay for health insurance on their own.
More than seven hundred workers lost their jobs, health insurance, and some of their retirement benefits.
Full-coverage health insurance will cost me seventy-five dollars a month.
Everyone knows that people without health insurance are more likely to die.
But nobody has talked about providing health insurance to illegal immigrants.
Even if access to birth control is a core liberty, it need not be secured via employers and health insurance.
During that time, the rapist was paid living expenses, legal fees and health insurance by the church.
If this guy had had health insurance, his drugs would not have been free.
Going without health insurance can delay when people obtain primary and preventative care, potentially resulting in poorer health.
People buy health insurance and pay high prices because disease exists.
In regards to a persons health, and genetic determination as to whether they should pay more for health insurance.
And some people say health insurance won't ever be fair without a pricing structure that makes discrimination impossible.
Most companies no longer pay for retiree health insurance.
Travel insurance is sometimes mistaken for temporary health insurance, but the two are actually different.
Finding affordable health insurance isn't much easier.
So that particular worry, about the health insurance side of things- can fall by the wayside.
Heck, she'd probably be content to have health insurance.
Perhaps the best cardiac health insurance, however, is going to graduate school.
Full health insurance package provided and fixed benefit retirement program available.
Wal-Mart has a horrendous track record with workers' rights and access to health insurance.
They're in debt, they have time-consuming jobs, they're worried about health insurance.
Turns out the student was suffering from chronic walking pneumonia and had no health insurance.
Others have spouses who carry the bulk of the family financial load, including providing health insurance.
As the economy continues to struggle, health insurance is shrinking.
One doctor loses his license to practice for a year and then is forced into bankruptcy when a health insurance provider sues him.
Ten years ago, the author was considering dropping his health insurance.
Smoking increases health risk, and thus it makes sense to me that smokers pay higher premiums for health insurance.
From his bed, paralyzed athlete leads fight for health insurance.
Among the financial beneficiaries are the government and health insurance companies.
Consider a society where health insurance is a public good, paid out of the public purse from taxes levied upon all individuals.
In addition to lacking any obvious pathology, she also lacked health insurance.
It provides an alibi for health insurance companies so they don't have to pay for treatment for these sick kids.
Buying your own health insurance has never been cheaper.
If you do not have health insurance you don't receive a tax credit.
Workers get neither sick days nor holidays and have to pay for their health insurance.
Access to health insurance does not guarantee access to health care.
The figures for health insurance were only relatively sunnier.
Under his plan, many individuals and small businesses will buy subsidised health insurance through state-sponsored exchanges.
For those who live with the conflicts inherent in health insurance, it is not.
The vast majority of workers enjoy health insurance today through employer-provided schemes.
When you provide health insurance for your workers and you get a tax deduction.
The deduction for employer-provided health insurance encourages richer plans and more spending.
Other countries provide health insurance as a national system.
In the health-care debate, arguments frequently surfaced that people don't need health insurance, they need health care.
But as another reader pointed out those who don't buy health insurance but show up at emergency needing care cost us all money.
So if you buy health insurance you pay lower taxes than someone who does not buy health insurance.
The more a company spends on health insurance, the less is left over to pay wages.
Individual health insurance is insurance you buy on your own.
Official government site explains the stability and security offered by health insurance reform.
State-federal review of health insurance rate increases begins, double-digit price hikes must be justified.
Many small business owners want to provide health insurance for their employees but have struggled to find affordable coverage.
Grandparent caregivers may find it difficult to find health insurance coverage for their grandchildren.
Group or employer health insurance you get through your job gives you certain rights.
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