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Example sentences for health food

Another spice that some people think of as a health food: turmeric.
In some well-stocked health food stores, entire aisles are devoted to nondairy milks.
Local cheddars are also available at health food stores and, often, even at major supermarkets.
Purchase organic ingredients at reputable health food stores and mail order companies.
Many major stores carry green laundry detergent, and you also can find it at food co-ops or health food stores.
Look for locally grown poultry at farmers markets and health food stores.
Perhaps, before that happens, the natural substance will find its way into the herbal medicine aisle of health food stores.
But visit a well-stocked health food store, pharmacy or supermarket, and you'd never know it.
For a long time soy was touted as a miracle health food, until studies showed it is almost the opposite, a food to be avoided.
The standard solution, drowning out the bitter with butter, sort of cancels out the veggies' health food status.
Maybe the unconverted seaweed could be sold in health food stores, too.
It is comfort food that is not necessarily health food.
Tortilla chips might not be health food anytime soon, but science may have found a way to make them lower your cholesterol.
It serves an array of high-end, delicately prepared menu items consisting of steaks and chops, seafood and health food.
To speak of personal growth as something that can be achieved by eating health food, however, falsifies this perception.
The cell walls can be dehydrated and sold as a health food supplement or fermented into ethanol.
The form of a dietary supplement purchased in a drug store or health food store is likely not the same form used in research.
And even the processed health food is pretty much junk.
Go into a health food store that sells herbal supplements.
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