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Their work is an important part of preventative health care.
Here's one response to the challenge of providing rural health care.
The company has promised improved health care and education for the villagers.
Now, along with a new school and improved health care, everyone has indoor plumbing.
People use so much more health care when they live longer.
Business relationships with insurance companies and health care providers will become even more important.
For example, the decoding of the human genome promises major improvements in health care in the years ahead.
We spend vastly more than any other country on health care, and increasingly our health is our wealth.
At the industrial level, the biggest contributors to the recovery have been autos and health care.
Share your thoughts and reply to others' about the health care debate.
Health care is not a venue in which to exert your desire to shape the content of people's lives.
Freedman describes how integrative approaches are being offered and studied in a variety of health care settings.
Productivity-obsessed corporate boards aren't behind rising health care costs.
Deadlines for state participation in setting up the federal health care law are on the horizon.
No one will ever fix our economy until health care costs are brought under control.
Smartphones and tablets are transforming the future of health care.
Health care workers are subject to the same human foibles as the rest of the population.
Digital health care apps, especially via smart phones, are offering users unprecedented control over their health behaviors.
Over time, therefore, nanotechnology should benefit every industrial sector and health care field.
In many cases, such prescriptions are the only mental health care the patients receive.
Media, banking and health care are being revolutionized by it.
They prove it each and every day when they oppose the health care for everyone.
Left unchecked, this problem will contribute to ever-increasing health care costs and higher disease rates.
And they examined a variety of variables, from climate conditions to the money spent on health care.
There will be little food, less electricity, and no health care.
We look for more increased taxes on gas, to help pay for long term health care costs due to pollution.
Atrocious health care, no where to sleep, and no treatment given.
No health care system should have the primary goal of making money.
HEalth care is a limited commodity with a never-ending demand.
The convergence of biology and engineering is turning health care into an information industry.
But treating infectious disease to keep it from spreading is in a different moral category from a universal health care system.
But it is also a fast-growing and lucrative market, and one that provides valuable lessons about making health care affordable.
They spend, on average, twice as much of their income on health care as younger people do.
They have squirrelled away more money to cover the future cost of health care, education and pensions.
And yes, this was right at the time the health care fight was heading to its conclusion.
He urges the adoption of specialized health care courts, which would give lower but fairer awards.
All the party's major candidates are thinking big on fixing the broken health care system.

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