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In a land of healing miracles, neighbors must not suffer and die unattended.
Genuine simplicity of heart is a healing and cementing principle.
As long as healing is not complete the pus of the abscesses contains the microscopic organism which produced them.
Mineral pools on the lake are purported to have healing properties because of their high sulphur content.
When a wound is healing, cell division must be sped up.
They want to be doctors, but they do not care about healing people.
When head scratching is involved, a dandruff shampoo may aid healing.
Healing consumes a lot of physical and mental resources.
Wear a damned ugly shoe for a few months if it means permanent healing.
Aloe has been used for centuries as a natural soothing and healing treatment for burned skin.
She spent the rest of her life in science, much of it promoting the healing properties of radium.
They did another bone scan, and they can tell it is not healing.
Furthermore, it remains intact during the healing period and is then absorbed and eliminated by the body naturally.
AA is nothing more than good old-fashioned faith healing.
Being informed gives them some control over their disease-and that feeling of empowerment plays a role in the healing process.
Delaying the healing effects after surgery, possibly cause further bone damage and tissue damage.
None of the control animals showed any healing whatsoever.
During these moments of zero power this energy is freed up for repair and healing.
Much of what happens to you in the hospital in the name of diagnosing and healing is invasive.
Perhaps not much is better than a day of pampering, except when that pampering has potential healing qualities.
No single method works for everyone, and weight loss spas run the gamut from holistic healing to trendy new diets.
In many wounds that are not readily healing, tissue decays and dies, allowing bacteria to thrive.
Hurricanes may actually provide a healing balm of sorts for dying coral reefs, a new study shows.
Scientists have developed a mechanical version of the leech that removes blood and promotes wound healing.
The human body is remarkably adept at healing itself.
Indians used its flowers and leaves for treating bronchitis and asthma and for healing sores.
Stimulating these areas triggers a host of local and general physiological effects, leveraging the body's own healing power.
Others struggle with a healing process that remains painful, drawn out, and elusive.
Large fragments can, with the aid of metal screws and pins, be reattached and set in place for healing.
Even where prices are still falling year on year, markets are healing.
Students of the art of healing, both have turned to writing to try and make sense of the world.
And perhaps they should, given the role that positive expectations and the doctor-patient relationship plays in healing.
Such stabs at self-healing may not placate everyone.
We're still wounded by that struggle, and the healing process still ongoing.
While healing one split, however, it may crack another.
The hydrating oil mix helps to re-balance the complexion and accelerate healing.
Again, spite proves a divine elixir healing all wounds.
When a story about it is distorted or untrue, it makes healing our differences harder.
Writing the book-and finally publishing it after a twelve-year struggle-has been healing.
Implantable materials that grab stem cells and spur their growth and survival could improve bone-healing surgeries.
The electronics could also help monitor the healing process from inside the body.
But researchers are finding that stem cells may have other healing effects.
In a speech, she described an experiment performed by another group in which remote healing was used to shrink tumors in mice.
Her bladder was still healing, though, and she would have to wear a catheter for a few days longer.
For example, intercessory prayer has been shown to make no difference to healing.
So would the ability to influence the healing and/or improved operation of our bodies and minds.
There are laughing churches and laugh therapies based on the healing power of laughter.
No intelligent design here, and yet self-healing and growth.
Getting a better handle on this process may play a role in healing bone injuries and treating bone disease.
Every insensitive remark or behaviour stirs it back into life and prolongs the healing process.
The far-right loons are too busy being suckered into faith healing, which amounts to the same thing with different trappings.
Similarly, cars outsource their healing to repair shops and their reproduction to factories.
Expanding the balloon is known to injure the blood vessel, prompting release of factors that promote healing and growth.
Sure she went beyond the reading and sold candles and healing therapies but hey, they agreed to pay.
It means actually that the body is able of triggering self healing functions.
These lesions are notoriously difficult to heal and often leave behind unsightly, slow healing scars.
We need to build computer systems that are literally self-installing, self-diagnosing, self-healing.
They might be a phenomenal innovator in various aspects of computers but also believe in the healing powers of crystals.

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