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Now she must use them to heal, recover, and carry forward to the new life she desires.
By implication, a nurse is supposed to cure everything, to heal all wounds.
Autonomic systems should also be able to heal, to recover from damage by some means other than a suicidal crash.
Despite one misconception, there is no evidence that a bone that breaks will heal to be stronger than it was before.
It's taken that long for the deep wounds of rejection to heal.
The difference is that these materials will heal in minutes rather than months.
Hunting for a way to let the liver heal itself without causing more harm than good.
She had to be put on medication to heal her insides.
The top skin had the gel applied and shows less scarring than the bottom skin, which was allowed to heal naturally.
Carbuncles usually must drain before they will heal.
If they start to specialise too early, there will not be enough bone cells to heal the fracture.
Many shamans believe the plants will tell them how to heal.
She experimented until she finally came up with formulations to hydrate, soften, and heal his hands and feet.
Place ice on the bruise to help it heal faster and to reduce swelling.
Welsh's spinal cord escaped damage, and doctors decided to let the wound heal without surgery.
Blood vessels raised in tissue culture may one day help heal broken hearts.
Either way, doctors say the product is encouraging the skin to heal unlike anything else used before.
The lesions eventually dry out, develop a crust, and heal rapidly without leaving a scar.
Physicians have long marveled at the body's ability to heal itself.
To heal properly, the crystals need to form from the bottom of the tooth up to the enamel.
Most cases heal by themselves with no lasting symptoms.
Other studies have also shown that stem cells can heal spinal damage.
The good news is that these diligent scientists sometimes really do figure out how to heal the mice.
The damage can heal itself over time, so there will be no permanent change to your heart.
It is a warning that bodily injury needs attention and time to heal.
No artificial system yet devised-super-efficient or otherwise-can heal itself.
The cast was put on two weeks ago to give damaged ligaments rest and time to heal.
If the ancestors are appeased, the family will heal.
Progress in cell transplants to heal damaged retinas.
Thieves will disable your traps, wizards will target your mana crystals and clerics will heal the whole marauding gang.
Old logging roads have been removed by the council and the state parks, and the land is beginning to heal.
Shots to the heart or brain or any other normally sensitive body part heal in seconds.
All knew how to use the plants in the forest to heal cuts, treat dysentery, or cast or break a spell.
Many knit clothes and weave baskets to make a little money while their bodies heal.
Each new injury is more painful and takes longer to heal.
It is remarkable that ecclesiastical breaches should be harder to heal than civil or political breaches.
To complicate matters further, in the case of radiation damage time does not heal all wounds.
Nations, however, do not heal in the same way that people do.
Blood vessels also grow after injury, building under a scab to heal a wound.
The only thing that will really heal a sunburn is time.
Time might heal metaphorical heartbreak, but an injured heart can rarely repair itself.
Thermal-water soaks in one of several pools are said to heal nerve- and respiratory-related illnesses.
These images can help us heal those same wounds, too.
Then he would cut what was needed from the leeward side so the tree would heal more readily than if it were exposed to the wind.
In addition, studies suggest that microgravity alters the ability of bones to heal after fractures.
Wounds heal in real time, and you must hunt and eat animals to stay strong.
Potentially superconductors, smaller ultra capacitors, and miniature machines that can heal us.
They can even heal themselves if they get chipped or broken.
Thankfully a doctor was able to identify it as bed bug bites and it started to heal.
And his top priority is catching the bad guy, not helping to heal your psychological wounds.
Friends can also heal you, if you've squandered your own health kit.
They faith-heal the sick by clutching the ailing area of the body and praying silently to the heavens, casting out demons.
These enchantments are medicinal, they sober and heal us.
But after a few months the rift would inevitably heal and the friendship return to good standing.
If there are those who did, then heaven heal their souls.
She wants to travel, to heal the planet and to connect with people in the places she visits.
Their goal is to heal the animals they can and release them back into the wild.
Using surgical lasers and a light-activated dye, the researchers are prompting tissue to heal itself.
Surgical lasers could soon heal cuts as well as make incisions.
So researchers gave the same treatment to animals with mild injuries that usually heal on their own.
When it didn't heal after a couple of days, he limped into the office of his family physician.
There are some families that never regroup and never heal from that separation.
To heal the brain, scientists are trying to poke through the shield that isolates it from the rest of the body.
Maybe individuals or corporations who no longer wish to help or heal people are the quacks.
There is something incredibly powerful in letting a body heal itself.
Blisters in moist areas heal more slowly than others.
Boils may heal on their own after a period of itching and mild pain.
Many mouth ulcers are harmless and heal without treatment.
Each type of heal pain is described in more detail below.
Styes usually develop over a few days and may drain and heal on their own.
On those you can't wait because they'll heal crooked or won't heal properly.
Their original authors clearly need a spell in opposition to heal their wounds and regroup.
The financial sector might heal more slowly, but it would also heal more solidly.
But growth will not, on its own, heal their divisions.
Other politicians are pushing far more ambitious schemes to heal the country's ills.
Although a country's financial tendons may heal suspiciously quickly, they are permanently weakened each time they snap.
Although, the main thing is that recoveries of any sort usually take time to naturally heal themselves.
The lesions done before the exam took from two to eight days longer to heal than the summer wounds.
Its brain cells can therefore grow and heal while the organism sleeps, as the organism's other cells do.
In contrast, a natural bone regrown from stem cells should heal on its own.
And the laboratory mice with the eerie ability to heal themselves.
He talked to her about his aspirations to heal the world, and wanted to know how to set about that task.
She had a broken leg that wouldn't heal and was eventually amputated.
Across countries and faiths, the devout believe the power of the spirit can heal the ills of the flesh.
How quickly his left foot could heal became a national obsession.

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