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It's heady days for electric and hybrid car manufacturers and consumers.
The mood at the awards had a jubilance reminiscent of the heady days of the dot-com boom.
It was a heady feeling, being an educator at the crossroads of the world.
For months there was heady talk of a national revival.
While spring is quite forthcoming, fall makes you work for the heady prize of scent.
In the world of tech-industry investment banking, the last few years have seen some heady times.
Since those heady days, the price has fallen by nearly three-quarters, with much of that decline over the past week.
Ethical dilemmas have stunted the pursuit of stem cells' heady promise because the cells are derived from week-old embryos.
The physical properties of batteries make it impossible for them ever to achieve such heady goals.
He had a business model this time, one that seemed well suited to the heady days of the dotcom boom.
Those heady days are back, it seems, and the price of art is once again making headlines.
The heady scheme increases the number of possible keys by an exponential factor.
The anniversary was an occasion punctuated by the usual heady declarations.
Whether this strategy will sustain the heady growth that investors have come to expect from the drug industry remains to be seen.
There were certainly good reasons for this enthusiasm for equities, beyond low interest rates and heady growth.
Yet even during those heady early days there were doubts.
There was a heady whiff of convenience about the arrests.
As a result, an air of heady romance surrounds those who lost.
Its heroes are vain, brave and consumed by the heady elixir of violence and the dark night of bereavement.
In its time, heavy metal's iconography was serious, heady stuff.
It is heady stuff for central bankers to be seen, once again, as saviours.
After the heady excitement, normal life now beckons.
Prevention by treatment is, nevertheless, a heady prospect.
After all these are strategy level decisions, better not be made in a heady week.
If a flavor can be verdant, here it is: the heady soul of a plant with leaves that marinate in sunlight.
Not a bad accolade-but hardly the only one she was hearing in those heady days at the beginning of the summer.
Achieving these heady velocities has long been a goal of aircraft designers.
He sat cross-legged on the floor inhaling heady fumes.
Anas doesn't let such heady intellectual arguments slow him down.
Speaking of which, even the self-actualized may not be able to afford the heady liberation of divorce.
The sounds are high-pitched, the smells are heady, and there's tension in the air.
At that time, of course, it was a heady place in which to believe.
Research rewards us with the heady riches of knowledge.
That's when the roasting duck would fill the house with a heady aroma.
Not that there is anything inappropriate about all the heady chatter.
But when the heady intoxication of these weeks wears off, they will find that they have nowhere else to go.
Heady stuff for countries whose common history includes a pair of atomic bombs.

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