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Example sentences for headset

The simulator involves a headset an integrated video monitor and a remote control of the sort used to manipulate the machinery.
Use a headset, so you'll have your hands free to take notes.
The armrest headset connections may or may not work.
And using a hands-free headset instead of a handheld phone made no difference at all.
He wore a noise-cancelling headset, which blocked out nearly everything besides his heartbeat.
Tasker will decrease audio volume when a headset is unplugged, and play specific music for your morning alarm.
He noticed the cord to his headset lying free near his chair.
In a typical experiment, a volunteer is being stroked while wearing a virtual reality headset.
The surgeon wears a headset with a microphone that controls the endoscope.
The headset's large earbuds do let in some ambient noise.
Don a headset to play an online game and you'll hear all manners of slurs.
Jawbone has been an innovator in the headset space for some time now.
And the service's sound quality, coming through that headset, could be clearer.
Pure fiction, say scientists--and not only because of her hokey headset.
But you don't have to hover by your computer or use a special headset to make a call.
Before you get started, you'll need to invest in a webcam and a headset.
Use a telephone headset or the speaker when performing tasks simultaneously with the telephone.
The umpire will wear a two-way radio headset to communicate with the replay official in the press box.
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