heads or tails in a sentence

Example sentences for heads or tails

For matching pennies you have two pure strategies: play heads or tails.
Students will make predictions to figure out the probability of a spun nickel landing on either heads or tails.
And the heads or tails of the fish may not be removed in the field or in transit from the field to other locations.
The coin will have an equal chance of landing on heads or tails.
If a coin is tossed, the sample space is heads or tails.
He stated if items are simply being pulled out of an unregulated website he is not certain how to make heads or tails of that.

Famous quotes containing the word heads or tails

I have decided many a stylistic problem first by my head, then by heads or tails.... more
Let us then examine this point, and say, "God is, or he is not." But to which side shall we incline? Reason can decide n... more
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