heads up in a sentence

Example sentences for heads up

All over town, tiny green lizards hold their heads up with notable alertness.
They appreciate the quick reminders and heads up when there is a schedule change or a reminder.
It's awful to hear that giant sucking sound, but let's keep our heads up and swim across the current.
The economists were wrong because they had their heads up their butts.
The survivors crouched behind sandbags and fired blindly, unable to even stick their heads up to aim.
She had a heads up that they might be close and began taking photos right after it punched through the clouds.
Thanks for the heads up to this, and to the folks who posted where to report and complain.
Players needs to use good stickhandling posture with their heads up.
Kids will continue to become paralyzed because they never learned how to properly tackle, with their heads up.

Famous quotes containing the word heads up

And when the festival was over, that was the end of it all. And I do not think I am being fanciful when I say that this ... more
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