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Jellyfish species have all kinds of offbeat common names: fried-egg jellies, cabbage heads, big reds.
They are the lucky ones, the fortunate few who still have a roof over their heads.
The hyenas walk parallel to the herd with their heads turned toward it.
People walk with heads down, as if trying not to attract attention.
Rest them on their heads till their tails curl so they are easier to handle.
People were still chipping away, raising their heads toward the already-hot blue sky in a kind of triumph.
We duck our heads underwater to watch the shark as it chases the bait.
In a roller coaster you can only see the back of people's heads, but on this you could see beautiful marshlands.
When they see us, they scream and bury their heads in the donkey's flanks and necks.
The warriors smashed the whites' heads to pulp and gutted them.
When mockery dissolves into piety, the viewer's mind wanders, or heads for the door.
The sight of flamingos bobbing their heads in unison almost in rhythm with the gun blasts is almost hypnotic.
Both shook their heads no, but stared silently at the floor.
Bike polo mallets are made from old ski-poles joined onto heads made from water or gas pipes found in the street.
As a result, we're unlikely to suggest a series of four heads followed by a tails.
Use the razor blade to cut the heads off all the matches.
When demand is high and supply low, relative worth heads north.
Many of us can automatically recall these photos in our heads, but far fewer can name the photographers who took them.
Players move round by throwing four coins and progressing as many squares as they throw heads.
And some surprising folk, from school heads to local councils, are keen on them.
But, as the coalition's health bill heads for the statute books, problems are multiplying.
They explore for facts but they aim at perceptions inside the heads of decision-makers.
Rivals can call on state parents to bang heads together.
Not entirely fair, but more engrossing than human talking heads would have been.
One is a system that tracks the whereabouts of the audience's heads.
The heads appear to function independently of their shared body, with both able to feed normally.
Hammerhead sharks are consummate predators that use their oddly shaped heads to improve their ability to find prey.
Scientists have different ideas about why the sharks have such unusual heads.
With such a bounty on scarab heads, some conservationists worry that populations could be depleted.
The salt often lands on their heads, giving them a distinctive white wig.
Named after their spotted coats and fearsome jaws, leopard seals have large, reptilian heads and streamlined bodies.
Their feathers had been removed, but their heads and feet were intact-a sign that the owls were to be sold as food.
The birds are naturally gray and their heads are topped with a crimson crown.
Using serrated knives, they gutted the fish and cut off the heads and fins.
As they grow, joeys' heads and feet can often be seen hanging out of the pouch.
Pandas also have round heads, fat cheeks, and big eyes-as do human babies.
They have gray-green heads with streamlined, reddish-brown bodies.
Two species of locust tested so far also have the same bacteria-killing molecules in their tiny heads.
However, as they return upriver to their spawning grounds, their bodies turn bright red and their heads take on a greenish color.
Move them to the back of the room and tell them they must either pay attention or put their heads on their desks.
They appreciate the quick reminders and heads up when there is a schedule change or a reminder.
These under-educated dead heads are more interested in local politics and self-empowerment than educating the people.
The heads of all the metatarsal bones are connected together by the transverse metatarsal ligament.
The free ends of the inner hair cells are encircled by a cuticular membrane which is fixed to the heads of the inner rods.
It arises by two heads, which are connected to the condyles of the femur by strong, flat tendons.
It arises from the sternum and clavicle by two heads.
And the water-plants with their graceful flat heads-all became part of him.
When the muscle is in action the medial and lateral heads become prominent.
Here and there went his hands, caressing the shoulders of the boys, playing about the tousled heads.
With hanging heads they walked away along the street under the trees.
For matching pennies you have two pure strategies: play heads or tails.
There is an old saying that two heads are better than one.
Then study participants were asked to do arithmetic in their heads.
But when they get close they turn away from our heads and dive for our feet-apparently their preferred snack spot.
Triceratops, as the name suggests, were huge dinosaurs adorned with three horns on their heads.
Interactive exhibits allow users to get a feel for the phenomenon, such as by placing their avatars' heads in a virtual umbra.
As measured against a constant: the apostles' heads.
Bearing your teeth is a sign of aggression everywhere but in our twisted heads.
Rather, sharks have regressed from wider heads to narrower ones.
And they will complain their heads of at either situation.
They believe the little voices in their heads and not empirical evidence.
And the kids, huddling around the little smoking fire of cow chips will shake their heads in disbelief.
It happens over the heads of poor parents, as if they are too simple to have an opinion on the dilemma they themselves are living.
Signs of wild fluctuations in energy and agriculture prices are already rearing their heads.
The four of us looked at each other and shook our heads.
For another reason, throughout the crisis, the two heads of government kept channels of personal and official communication open.
Print heads are normally several pieces that are glued or welded together.
Economist have long scratched their heads over this kind of pattern.
The software needed to offer heads-up augmented reality is far ahead of the hardware.
Maybe you could end up solving some of the insolvable problems that physicists are scratching their heads over presently.
We sit with our heads bowed as if trying to summon spirits, while in truth struggling to see what's on our dinner plates.
While there may be genes for the shape of our heads, there cannot be any for the shape of our ideas.
Mongols were narrow-waisted and small-footed, with big heads.
It is five o'clock before the main character finally leaves his job and heads home, prompting the credits to roll.
He readily volunteered to make our presence known to the student leaders who had recently had their heads bloodied.
First all the heads of families draw slips of paper out of a box.
Refreshed and healed by that good banana nutrition, the monkey heads off.
Heads turned as the alarmed captain looked on in stunned disbelief.
As a result, much of his career has been spent struggling to raise financing and butting heads with executives.
Even couples whose heads are so white and puffy they should wear hats made out of graham crackers and chocolate.
Boundaries dissolve everywhere they turn their pretty heads.
The sheep responded by coming to him, clustering around, and lowering their heads.
Two heads have to direct the same groovy body towards saving the galaxy.
Even one of the talking heads in this film was dismayed by how his comments were misconstrued.
Along the way, he is raising a big red flag to those who want to use brain scans to peer into the heads of suspected criminals.
We know that you don't get these infections by looking at the apes or by petting their heads.
But if this mechanism doesn't function properly, blood deserts our heads and follows gravity into our feet.
Generations of paleontologists favored the idea that males rammed their heads together the way bighorn sheep do today.
As contestants finished, they smacked a timer, then closed their eyes and put their heads down on the table.
He can't prove that a coin flipped a million times won't come up consistently heads.
Their noses crept up their heads, becoming blowholes.
They can hold the sword over our heads but, push come to shove, they don't dare cut us with it.
If they tried to hold onto a leaf with their heads pointed down, they'd slide off.
From gruesome ancient rituals to modern pharmacology, mankind had been trying to discover what's really going on inside our heads.
They aren't releasing a song that got stuck in their heads by letting out a discreet, brief warble.
Someone knows the shoveler's there but prefers not to engage, so he heads on up the block.
Leave space at the top, bottom and sides of each for heads, hands and feet.
No one need worry about crude gushing out of their shower heads.
My thought is that the larger heads could extend that distance.

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