headroom in a sentence

Example sentences for headroom

The expanded attic provides ample headroom for a new sitting area.
The raising of new capital leaves some headroom for further markdowns.
But it also means that there is more headroom for expansionary policy, and more need.
Not only does it have more than enough headroom, the vestibule is covered and there is a terrific rain cover.
The design is great with ample headroom and ventilation.
Pitch the five-equilateral-triangle design tall for a smaller footprint, but more headroom.
In my world the easiest way to categorize people is by headroom needs.
My room was the attic of an old house, with generous floor space and not much headroom.
There's tremendous technical headroom for doing that.
The seats are supportive, and there's plenty of leg and headroom for all but the tallest people.
Inside, the back seat was changed to make for better legroom and now there is another half-inch of headroom.
On the other hand, big pickups seem to have infinite headroom.
The roof steps up over the rear two-thirds of the truck to provide sufficient headroom for the raised seats.
To be approved for taxi use, a vehicle must meet basic size requirements for headroom, legroom and cargo space.
Enclosed storage compartments that fold up into the ceiling so you have honest-to-goodness headroom.
Headroom is extraordinary, as is the feeling of spaciousness.
If you carry your height above the waist, you need lots of headroom.
With no headroom for air to fill, the wine is well protected.
Taller adults may want more headroom, which trails off as you lean back.
It is also consistent with the minimum headroom clearance required for protruding objects.
Vehicles usually have a raised roof for additional headroom.
Additional advantages of the scalping deck are lower cost and a substantial saving in headroom.
Deficiencies include noncompliant handrails, irregular treads and risers and unprotected low headroom beneath the mid-landing.
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