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The parents of many of the students here work for the multinational firms with headquarters in the glossy high-rises nearby.
Once you learn how to read you can competently read a novel, a newspaper article, or the latest memo from corporate headquarters.
Library buildings were converted into computer labs, study spaces, and headquarters for information-technology departments.
Industry bosses lobby the summiteers from their headquarters in a nearby luxury hotel.
The hotel is located near several major corporate headquarters and is especially handy for business travelers.
She won a storm of publicity and a shamefaced invitation to the firm's headquarters.
The site of the new headquarters has not yet been agreed.
He had dreamed of building apartment complexes, corporate headquarters, modernist town halls.
The police make occasional schedules of a few and report them to headquarters.
Even visiting the school's headquarters tests one's nerves.
There are links for the stock price and pictures of the interior of the main headquarters.
He has been able to move his company out of his cottage and into a new headquarters building.
The lobby had been wired for public speaking and had the atmosphere of an optimistic campaign headquarters on election eve.
It's also a throwback to the era when a company's headquarters made a statement.
In fact, the authorities were barricaded inside their headquarters watching the same broadcast scenes.
The giant computer maker's stately headquarters sprawls along the right side of the street, overlooking a maze of parking lots.
Its headquarters has been here for more than a century.
So, naturally, the company's own headquarters should be a model form.

Famous quotes containing the word headquarters

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