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Example sentences for headphones

Noise cancelling headphones usually do away with low pitches.
Put on a pair of headphones and turn up the volume so that you can't even hear yourself speak.
They then asked listeners wearing headphones to determine whether the car was coming from the left or the right.
With this methodology, participants are seated in a soundproof booth and different tones are presented through headphones.
These were played to a group of subjects wearing headphones.
Right now, they've got their headphones plugged in and their hands full of stuff.
Better yet, they'll sell us earplugs the way they sell us headphones.
Second to a temporary wall, noise-cancelling headphones are the best sanity saver.
But in the few hours it whips around its sun the noise cancelling headphones.
To plug two pairs of headphones in to an iPod, you have to buy a special adapter.
As you ride to work on the bus or train, count the people you see wearing headphones and presumably listening to music.
Wireless headphones are great when you're driving, unless they're buried somewhere in your bag.
Patients now listen to their television sets with headphones.
There's no standard jack for using your own headphones without an adapter.
Headphones can solve this problem if you're tuning in, say, at your cubicle or in the back of a lecture hall.
Only when he spied a bank of headphones did the mayor break into a grin.
But you can also plug in headphones or earbuds, a rare feature indeed.
It's compact and easy to use, especially when connecting to headphones.
Of course, you can always plug in headphones, as the stereo mini-jack is not obstructed by the case.
If you're planning on zoning out with a movie or a few videos, we'd recommend keeping a decent pair of headphones on hand.
The headphones were either stolen or bought by the other inmate.
He didn't provide a receipt for one pair of headphones.
No cameras, handbags, backpacks or headphones may be taken onto the ice.
In addition, your computer needs to have speakers or headphones.
Don't use headphones while walking, driving, or jogging.

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At length to hospital This man was limited, Where screens leant on the wall And idle headphones hung. Since... more
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