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Example sentences for headlong

The last thing you want to do is plunge headlong into a story that does not give him the information he is seeking.
They are a franchise that spent lavishly in a headlong quest to get what it wanted.
So they rushed headlong into new trouble by attacking the foreigners and their legations.
With staunch academic discipline they've plunged headlong into the fundamental physics of ram acceleration.
Once they find such a plume, they fly headlong into it, tracking it back to its blood-filled source.
And to sustain it, these firms will have to plunge headlong into products they know little about, such as mortgages.
Yet the headlong expansion continues, either through the opening of yet more new stores or through a rash of takeovers.
The book is a form of meditation, written with a headlong urgency, about seeing.
After an early career that racked up notable courtroom victories, he has plunged headlong into cases that he knows are unwinnable.
There goes a horse into a deep hole and his rider falls headlong out of the saddle.
Overlooking strategy and rushing headlong to improve is always a mistake.
Your urgency may transmit to them, causing them to disregard traffic safety and run headlong across the street.
Having been forewarned, let us plunge headlong into a geological detective story.
Without the ability to control or evaluate their impulses, they often dive headlong into harmful situations.
The three moose, bleating at the sight of breakfast, rushed headlong for the scientists.

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I fell her finger light Laid pausefully upon life's headlong train;— The foot less prompt to meet the mor... more
And midway We meet the disappointed, returning ones, without its Being able to stop us in the headlong nigh... more
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