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Whenever a shark-caused human fatality occurs, it makes headline news.
So we're asking you, dear readers, to supply a proper caption for the picture and headline above.
In this case we'll choose a headline from the closest date possible.
Invite students to brainstorm ideas for a new headline for this story.
Ask them to write why they think their headline introduces the story.
As for that headline, the range of emotions it provoked have clearly set off a conversation.
Even legitimate researchers cut corners, and some worry that the lure of a great headline might be warping results.
The headline is misleading and that approach is a financial corner colleges and universities have painted themselves into.
If those price increases push up headline inflation, central bankers may eventually feel compelled to raise interest rates.
Headline inflation rates have risen thanks to commodity prices.
Higher-than-desired headline inflation meant they were reluctant to cut interest rates.
Headsup is one blog largely devoted to this difficult art of headline-writing.
It is not the product of a headline-grabbing mega-merger.
Lack of calories-hunger-is a headline-grabber, particularly as rising food prices push more people towards starvation.
The fall in the oil price will eventually bring the headline inflation-rate down.
First, it places more weight on the headline rate of inflation than on the core measure.
Impatient and bullying, with a tendency to settle for headline-grabbing fixes, he will infuriate as much as impress.
So if food prices stabilise, headline inflation will fall later this year.
Errors in the reporting of such infrequent crimes have a huge effect on the headline figure.
Thus, in value added terms exports have grown even somewhat faster than headline exports.
The headline is wrong, as it seems to compare fly ash with spent nuclear fuel.
People who only read the headline are likely to believe it's healthier to drive than to ride a bike.
Both the headline and the text of this article are inaccurate.
The headline seems alarmist, and doesn't seem to match the information in the article.
We initially put the wrong story text under the headline for this story.
The headline really has nothing to do with what the guy is doing on his job.
It's great how the entire article basically disproves its own alarmist headline.
Your headline itself is playing politics, not science.
That's exactly what the headline writers meant you to think.
The headline of this article is poorly thought out and designed to create sensationalism.
Sometimes a potential headline is so sensational that it becomes almost impossible to resist writing an accompanying article.
Also, tablet users are more likely to read an in-depth article beyond its headline.
Science aside, the headline for this article isn't right.
Stories that can be boiled down to a single, punchy headline are exactly the sort that succeed by these measures.
Scientist pursue this headline grabbing strategy at their peril.
They seem to prefer to go for the hype and quick headline, rather than report the truth.
Well, the headline's misleading because nothing has changed except our measurements.
It could be used for virtually any newspaper story where the headline is a question.
And on third thought, we've decided to change the headline.
Arguing over some journalist's choice of headline is a bizarre and possibly destructive red herring.
The blue pajama bottoms stole almost every major headline away from the prosecution.
Though word of the story had spread for several days, the blood-red banner headline was startling.

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