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Example sentences for headlight

He crossed at night, a locomotive headlight affixed to either each of the cable.
They were designed that way to comply with federal regulations for headlight height.
So big, it blew the headlight beams right off the road.
Or maybe those retractable headlight washers would be useful after all.
He mistakenly broke a headlight on the family car with a baseball bat, then fretted over whether to lie about it to his parents.
Headlight covers blend cleanly into the surrounding fascia and fenders.
The maximum light output for a particular headlight is determined at a specific point in its aiming pattern.
Ride with your headlight on and consider using a modulation headlight.
One headlight and one turn signal was destroyed and one headlight only suffered bezel ring damage.
If your headlight isn't working you cannot participate in the ride.
Two- or three-wheeled vehicles or single-tracked vehicles will have a minimum of one headlight.
Ride with your headlight on and consider using a modulating headlight.
Have your mechanic check headlight alignment annually.
At night, be careful not to override your motorcycle's headlight.
Use your headlight if you must ride a moped at night.

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