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The salmon, still gleaming but now headless and gutted, journeyed by boat to the same place.
Around him were the headless bodies of a perch and two mackerel that had briefly disturbed their relationship.
Some are deeply quirky, designed to resemble a headless dog.
The rubbing causes the stunned, sometimes headless bee to flush its toxins.
It is said you can sometimes still see his headless body floating on moonlit nights, looking for his head.
There was a huge sculpture that incorporated a headless mannequin, but he was over it after a few seconds.
Blood spurts everywhere as the headless chicken flops around.
However, the outcome has been more violence, with headless bodies appearing almost daily.
Heads must roll, and that means there will be a lot of headless people, and this is how it must be.
The story provides a sample of images, including a remarkable photo of the headless bride.
We dug some more and unearthed headless torsos and a clump of rusty bronze arrow-heads.
The stage is decorated with headless mannequins dressed in suits and sports shirts.
Therefore, they cannot be labelled as headless and dressed fish but must be labelled as headless whiting.

Famous quotes containing the word headless

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