headlamp in a sentence

Example sentences for headlamp

In both cases, the whole headlamp unit can be removed and replaced with something better.
The camera works in conjunction with laser beams mounted in the headlamp unit.
And stick to the woods, keep clear of the road and beware of your headlamp.
Reading in the dark with a headlamp could make all the difference.
Even if you aren't a climber, you still might find a headlamp useful.
In the same manner that headlamp bulbs, etc used to be standardized.
Salt crystals on the wood glitter in the light of her headlamp.
The researcher trains the light from his headlamp into the orifice.
His headlamp lights up a patch of tiny white blobs on the base of a tree.
But even more fun is doing it at night with a headlamp and a group of good friends.
The light at the end of the tunnel may be a halogen headlamp.
If you plan to spelunk in caves without modern amenities, bring a headlamp and a flashlight with extra batteries.
When exploring private caves, a helmet and a headlamp along with three other sources of light are a necessity.
Exploring caves requires certain equipment, including a helmet and a headlamp.
Bring a flashlight or headlamp if you intend to hike through the tunnel.
Its crystalline headlamp housings are arranged in a nifty four-leaf clover pattern.
Travel light-and right-with these compact tools, from a pocket translator to a svelte headlamp.
In the lower part of the picture is my silhouette, illuminated by my headlamp, which appears between two old tamarins trees.
Bugs were swarming around my headlamp, and someone pulled on a rope and this huge fish came up out of the murk.
Minutes later, he pauses and shines his headlamp on his fingertip-his signal for the presence of the tiniest creatures.
The vehicle's headlamp also revealed scenes of destruction.
My headlamp beam spotlights a scorpion-a small, slender one.
All that was left for the rangers to do was to break down their anchor systems in the fading light, then descend by headlamp.
But when you turn your headlamp on, the unknown is revealed.
Use a white headlamp and a red rear reflector for night riding.
Headlamp replaceable light sources have standard designations.
However, smoked headlamp covers may be used when headlamps are not on, and not required.
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