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To do this, cut the highest branches back halfway, making heading cuts.
Stock up at the store before heading out on the trails.
Many people are heading out for vacations now, so we're lining up garden care.
The manifold application of the same words in addressing and answering surely comes under the heading of economy.
The new experiments seemed to have started out as if they were heading in the same direction.
It became a booming river port as steamships heading up or down the river stopped for supplies.
Heading south by car, drivers may miss the smaller planets.
We're midstream, heading from the north bank to the south, on a course directly perpendicular to the current.
By any reckoning, he should have been relaxing in his dressing room or heading back to the hotel.
The family moved in with some farmers before heading out into the field.
The crowd around him gasped at the sound of his shot and the sight of the ball heading toward the flag.
Is water going to be our next problem, it seems to be heading that way.
Although the results headings looked legit, clicking on the heading led to a junk site.
Don't buy anything because someone says it is going gangbusters or heading for the stratosphere.
Once it's written, physically take all the note cards and make piles for each heading.
If you want to shift your question, better you start an entirely new thread with an entirely new subject heading.
One possibility is that the economy is heading for a vigorous recovery.
But nor are they awash with excess liquidity and heading for another financial meltdown.
The euro zone is heading back into recession because it dithered too long over the debt crisis in the single currency's periphery.
The profession is heading toward its biggest crisis.
But frequent heading might be causing other harm that leads to a deterioration of crucial connections.
To some geologists, the world is heading toward an oil crisis of historic proportions.
The routers shunt incoming messages to links heading toward the messages' final destinations.
Heading into positive expanding time gives the right hand rule of thumb.
Humans are heading for extinction by not taking care of their existing genomes from self destructive habits.
These could be arranged to be at a suitable angle, both to the wind, and the heading of the ship.
We're heading relentlessly toward quantum computers, communicators, and all sorts of stuff.
All creatures are heading towards extinction, the natural result of diminished genetic coding.
We are possibly heading into the biggest economic disruption that the world has seen for many a year.
Playboy is heading back to school to boost the bottom line.
Here they fatten up on krill before heading north for the winter.
We were heading away from the city's main commercial airport.
Ask volunteers to come and place words under the correct heading.
My favorite thing is setting off on a new adventure-it is an amazing moment of heading into the unknown.
Sometimes he would read all night before downing a cup of coffee and heading back to his lab.
But suddenly, the smell of broiling cow had me heading for the toilet.
Gas heading the other way is moving downwind, and relatively untouched.
These research efforts generally come under the heading of smart materials.
As she locked eyes with it, the mountain lion moved forward, descending the shrubby bank and heading straight toward her.
With all the commotion, one moose wisely bolts, clambering over a fence and heading off in an ungainly trot.
They're always heading in the opposite direction and they're too independent.
It wd also know in which direction it is heading since the number wd keep shifting as the cell-phone transfers.
There wasn't too much about how this new technology actually works and where developments may be heading.
We should strive to be as realistic as possible about the direction in which new media are heading.
He was right about where the world was heading, sure.
Health care reform is heading into what could be its do-or-die week.
The polls have differed on where things are heading.
Heading off expensive treatment for the consequences of chronic disease always saves money.
He isn't quite in the fetal position, but things are clearly heading in that direction.
Huge amounts of seawater sink at known downwelling sites every winter, with the water heading south when it reaches the bottom.
Appropriation-collage falls under that heading-is a fact-based art.
In general terms, population is one of the few major environmental trends heading in the right direction.
Art is a form of exploration, of sailing off into the unknown alone, heading for those unmarked places on the map.
We who are involved in advancing the new technologies must devote our best efforts to heading off disaster.
The clubbers, the scene gays, the old boys heading to their drinking clubs-all formatted.
You've seen the refugees heading nowhere, you've heard the executioners sing joyfully.
It all ends well, with both couples heading for a moonlit yacht.
And although there are myriad measures of a company's health, nothing looks scarier than a stock price that's heading toward zero.
They're heading out when-thunk-she gets her head bashed in by a shovel.
Then he slipped out a stage door and, heading for his office, pushed through the crowd of people coming out of the auditorium.
M y book has undergone its final editing now, and is heading toward the galley stage.
The two giants of the global economy appear to be heading in opposite directions.
Finding a puddle in the lift of a trendy hotel would usually have you heading for the complaints desk.

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