headfirst in a sentence

Example sentences for headfirst

The crew slips through a narrow horizontal slot on the side of the mine, crawling headfirst down a boulder-filled slope.
The toy knocked headfirst into the ceiling and came back down in pieces.
At the crack of the pistol, the contestants dived headfirst into the icy water.
He tried to stuff the carp in headfirst, and the shopping bag toppled to its side.
In flight, ospreys will orient the fish headfirst to ease wind resistance.
If she tolerates his company, he will ply her with fresh fish, directing them headfirst into her beak.
The next day he flew headfirst into a post in the road.
If you fall into a tree well headfirst, you run the risk of almost instant suffocation.
Plunging headfirst into her hurricanes has become essential for her, the breath of life.
Two mice run headfirst into one another in a narrow plastic tube that isn't wide enough for both of them.
He immediately got lost and almost slammed headfirst into an iceberg.
He spent more than a month on the disabled list after a headfirst slide resulted in a broken bone near his shoulder.
She jumped headfirst into a career in football, attending clinics and college practices.
Truth be known, this avid winemaker has been known to plunge into his work headfirst, whole vats of it.
The deer took a headfirst dive into the ground, snapped its neck, and promptly died.
Bicycle helmets are designed to protect your head in headfirst falls at high speeds.
They expertly plunge headfirst into sheltered waters.
Township workers removed the grates and went in headfirst after her.
The fish will be carried back to the nest headfirst to make it as aerodynamic as possible.
Sledding headfirst increases the risk of head injury and should be avoided.
They also have semi-retractable claws and can climb headfirst down cliffs and trees.
The bird devours its tasty meal headfirst and whole.
Headfirst entries from the side in sitting and kneeling positions.
Pelicans dive headfirst into the water when searching for anchovies.
Spotting from their perches or hovering over water, these birds catch prey by plunging after it headfirst into the water.
Roseate terns catch their prey by diving headfirst into the water.
After prey is captured, it is carried headfirst in flight to reduce air resistance.
They move down trees headfirst, a characteristic unique to the species.
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