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The two-headed monsters of myth may have a basis in reality.
Males in particular may look proportionately small headed, especially when ruffling the nape feathers in display.
We can't wait to see where else this technology is headed.
The two countries' education systems are headed in opposite directions, aiming at exactly what the other one is trying to give up.
Occasionally someone speeds by with an open laptop nestled between elbow and wrist, headed to one of many meetings.
Entered the building on the library side and headed up the stairs.
Colleges and universities know that the composition of the nation's student body is headed for a major change.
But a second bullet is now headed straight toward the heart of race-based preferences.
We're quickly headed toward a future in which college students will either be super achievers or unprepared for the workplace.
They then headed for a lone, leftover, bouncy string.
No possibility at all that the program and scheme is wrong headed and ill conceived.
More and more often, the editing stage of a book or journal article headed for publication is entirely paperless.
One factory that hasn't headed overseas is education.
Finding and confirming where the debris ended up gives them a better idea of where it's headed next.
Evidence from the sunspot cycle tells us that the chances are the world is headed for a cooling phase.
One missing point is that these migrants would not have headed out blindly.
Clear-headed for the first time in what seems days, the pilot almost immediately spies lights flashing in the murky distance.
We headed out in a truck along narrow red dirt trails through thick scrub.
Their regional chieftaincies, each headed by a leader known as a cacique, crumbled away.
He wrote of dog-headed people who communicated by barking, and people with no heads at all, their eyes in their shoulders.
Thinking about that number provides an opportunity to talk about where we're headed and what makes us tick.
While experts debate that question, they agree that more devastating tempests are headed our way.
So, clever parents have clever kids for the same reason that red-headed parents have red-headed kids.
Headed by the prime minister and responsible to parliament.
Between the two, probability says we're headed for a recession.
It's not real clear where we're headed with that situation.
We filled our tank, headed off again-and came to an abrupt dead end at the ocean.
His father then collected the pesos, and they headed off.
He told a colleague he'd be right back and, leaving behind his jacket, headed downstairs.
Soon after, the workers crossed paths with the three rangers headed in the opposite direction, and waved.
It was his theory that the panthers, solitary by nature, had split up and headed north.
They had sledges and supplies and headed for a depot they had arranged to have left for them.
Y ou can't shake the feeling that your company is headed for a cliff.
Drugs that encourage the growth of new neurons in the brain are now headed for clinical trials.
It's a new idea, but a double-headed news feed seems too complex for a product that desperately needs to win users.
If these beneficiaries don't immediately get excited about your concept, then you are probably headed down the primrose path.
The airplane was not crashing, but it was definitely headed down.
The sentence gave every indication of going one way, but suddenly turned out to be headed in a totally different one.
Still, no one really understands precisely where book publishing is headed.
She headed off to her room to change into her pewter sheath and diamond-rope-necklace.
Sometimes though, she slips up and accidentally says where she's headed.
It also seems to favor coastal regions, whereas the brown- headed cowbird is happy inland as well.
They're also known as big-headed ants because their soldier caste has unusually large heads.
Four hours later, his breathing was laboured and he was headed to the emergency room.
It also would confirm for me that this country is headed down the road to irreversible decline.
But by the time you find out that you're headed into a jam, you're probably already stuck.

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