headdress in a sentence

Example sentences for headdress

Her zealous pursuit of counterfeit medicines nearly earned her a bullet in the head, leaving instead a hole in her headdress.
The left hand print was modified into the form of a human head wearing a headdress and ear flares.
The carving's focus on the head and the headdress alone is unusual, the archaeologists say.
His face and torso were painted in bold patterns, and his headdress made him look even more imposing.
Her water lily headdress and decorated mat denote royal lineage.
Exquisitely detailed and impeccably preserved, this golden ram once crowned a nomad's headdress.
Plant fibers clinging to the copper crescent were possibly more remnants of such a ceremonial headdress.
Perhaps the marble egg crowning her headdress refers to regeneration and continuity.
His headdress is made of porcupine and deer hair topped with two eagle feathers.
Ten bronze points tipped with platinum are attached to her headdress, shoulders, and shield for protection from lightning.
He would also wear a roach, a kind of headdress with two feathers that rock or twirl as he dances.
Human and animals heads, with turquoise and/or shell and/or metal danglers, probably headdress ornaments.
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