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Example sentences for headband

The soft-pink headband complimented the shirt and the pearl earrings were perfect, even without the necklace.
They may be sticky patches or attached to a headband.
The ever-popular headband has acquired a new versatility and softness.
The subject wears a headband of electrodes and faces a computer screen, which flashes photos.
Wear a hat or warm headband so your body heat does not escape through your head.
Useful accessories include a hat or headband to keep your hair back and a durable bag to carry along with you.
Strap on the headband before you nod off and in the morning you'll have a quantified picture of your night's sleep.
The ears can be folded into the headband for better storing, but they do not come with a storage bag or case.
It was accessorized by the ultimate talisman of middle-school innocence, a headband.
While sleeping, users wear a sensor-laden headband that measures electrical activity in the brain.
During the night, the user wears a soft headband with an embedded sensor that detects the brain's electrical activity.
And the company is developing a headband version that can fit under all kinds of headgear.
The device is small enough to be worn on a headband, so subjects can sleep at home rather than at a clinic.
Another had a headband made of live machine-gun rounds.
Most headbands are worn directly behind the ear, but the look can be altered by pushing the headband further back on the scalp.
Sold clothing that you could mix and match--such as a belt could become a skirt, or even a headband.
The woven fabric imparts the essential character to the headband, which is a well made item of fancy dress.
Headband adjustments shall provide a locking feature.
She is wearing an animal hide outfit and a headband around her head.
If there is only one headband, it should rest high at the back of your head.
Release the lower headband from your thumbs and position it at the base of your neck.
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