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Budgeting, usually a headache endured annually, has become a chronic migraine for many city governments.
Abnormalities in serotonin levels have been observed in both tension-type and migraine headache sufferers.
Migraine is more than a headache: it is intensely painful and has distinct phases.
Migraine headaches-- spots of light, halos, or zigzag patterns are common symptoms prior to the start of the headache.
But for many of them, it's also the return of headache season.
Regulations have always been an expensive headache for administrators.
The weekend of the inauguration is going to be a huge traffic headache.
There are lots of programs available, but each has drawbacks, and getting cameras to work properly is a huge headache.
Diagnosing the cause of persistent daily headache can be difficult.
It was headache after headache and the end result was a book that she was not at all happy with.
Along with land use, transport is the biggest headache facing city authorities.
Headache and muscle pains are a sign that the immune system has been triggered.
Eating something fatty at the zig-zag rainbow vision distortion stage seems to prevent the usual blinding headache and nausea.
But the applications all work in different ways and sometimes installing new hardware can be a real headache.
The causes of tension-type headache are still uncertain.
Income-contingent loans would have created a huge bureaucratic headache.
Acupuncture did indeed reduce headache frequency in those who received it, compared with those who did not.
Headache and nausea make the slog extra slow and torturous for him.
The tip-off is when the headache is different than their typical headache.
Both episodic tension-type headache and chronic daily headache affect quality of life.
Its true you start getting headache after listening to so many calls.
They are a common type of chronic, recurring headache.
High unemployment should help limit turnover of workers-a big headache for outsourcing firms elsewhere.
For the rest of you, all that's necessary is to notice what a headache it must have been getting this all figured out.
However, some people have a visual disturbance called an aura before the headache starts.
After a brutal onset involving excruciating headache and blistering fever, a rash would arise.
These non-headache symptoms usually occur within six hours before and resolve within six hours after the headache.
Brain tumors produce a variety of symptoms, ranging from headache to seizure.
Headache and nausea are symptoms of dehydration too, among other disorders.
Headache may be treated with pain relievers and fluids.
Most headache drugs can be stopped abruptly, but the patient should talk to their doctor first.
They didn't intend it to be used to sell headache remedies.
All three groups kept a journal of headache frequency and severity for one month before starting on their specific intervention.
It presents a real headache for the government employees entrusted with records management.
Or you could go the streamlined, headache-free route.
His scalp was covered with bumps and cuts, and he had a pounding headache.
Heat exhaustion is a relatively common reaction to severe heat and can include symptoms such as dizziness, headache and fainting.
She had a horrible headache, and she was burning with fever.
Severe side effects are not noticed on several occasions nausea and headache.
Next time you get a headache, drive a spike through your skull to let out the spirits.
It's a public relations headache for a small piece of business.
Forget the distribution system for a while, which is its own headache.
Instead of pleasure, smoking gave him a headache and burned his throat.
Finding suitable retail space is also proving a headache.
Debt instruments as well as equities are a headache for both life and non-life insurers.
The longer they put off taking the steps needed to curb their habit, the worse the headache will be.
Rising raw-material prices are a headache for policymakers, as well as a tax on consumers.
For the public finances, an ageing population is a huge headache.
If her sinuses swell, her muscles tense or her blood vessels constrict, she may develop a headache.
When you get a headache, write down the day and time the pain began.
When the medications stop, another headache follows, similar to a hangover.
Understanding your headache triggers can help you avoid foods and situations that cause your migraines.
Most, such as headache or flushing, need no treatment.
Symptoms of such a blockage include headache and vomiting.
Most people also develop a sore throat and headache.
We are working on headache relief and bladder control for people with spinal cord injuries.
During the day, when the medical team made their rounds, the patient looked tired but said he had no headache or body aches.
Commonly reported symptoms of exposure included headache and dizziness, breathing difficulties, nausea and vomiting.

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