head start in a sentence

Example sentences for head start

Plant a few extra basil plants this summer and get a head start on your holiday gift needs.
Less heat would give plants a significant head start to spread their seed.
With such a huge head start, there's little chance they won't get tenure at our school.
But the thieves always have a head start--which means that for a while, they'll usually get away with it.
The routine provided him with an opportunity to get a head start on his relentless observing, sketching, and note-taking.
Some parents give their children a head start in life by lavishing them with money or opportunities.
Well, other traits seem to have gotten a head start, too.
Get a head start by running ahead, and you may find yourself safe but without any treasures.
Identifying a measure of underlying inflation gives us a good head start.
These could provide a three-month head start in making seasonal flu vaccines.
Moreover, this head start was reflected in subsequent growth.
Thanks to increasing returns, a country that develops a head start in one industry may come to dominate that industry.
The result is a head start in school, especially middle and high school.
Biofuel's pole position in terms of usage and adaptability certainly gives it a head start.
Not bad for the world's fourth largest auto maker considering the other auto makers had a few decade head start.
Movies let comic books get a head start on stories.
The police race the fire trucks to the scene, and the police often have a head start because they are driving around on patrol.
We'll cover a few of these throughout the day but feel free to get a head start.
He probably also had a good head start coming from wealthy, loving parents.
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