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He's staging really boring news conferences, but hey, he's creating intrigue with his caddie search.
He's invented a device that visualizes dolphin sounds, but skeptics have their doubts.
He's been gored by an elephant and survived a plane crash.
He's younger, in his prime, and ready to rule the troop.
Don't think he's done that in a retiring way either.
Early in his career, he was selected to build a top-secret satellite, and he's been inventing ever since.
He's alone, so high off the ground that perhaps only the eagles take notice.
He's on his belly, drifting downstream past a half dozen kayakers who sit along the riverbank and watch as he goes by.
Not only does he not swim, but he's kind of terrified of water.
He's picked up temporary and day-labor work, but has not landed a steady job due to the rough economy and his ex-felon status.
He's trying to do the best he can for his family, even as he struggles to establish himself.
He's spent his life chasing a sea monster that's never been taken alive.
He's really funny, and yet he's really thin-skinned.
His eyes light up as he's describing something, even though to him it may be old hat.
But in a larger sense, he's been putting it together his entire life.
He's been dead for a decade, killed in his prime by a freak accident.
He may call himself an artist, but he's gone beyond that to help design solar arrays and heart stents that unfold.
And it won't be long before he won't remember lyrics or how to play the songs he's performed thousands of times.
From his wheelchair, he's led us on a journey to the farthest and strangest regions of the cosmos.
He's part of an unusual band of enthusiasts known as wreck chasers, although he doesn't care much for the term.
Everybody loves a clown, and you should too-especially when he's doling out financial advice.
We know without asking that he's searching for the sinister maw of our whirlpool.
He's aware of the organization's troubled history, but isn't intimidated by it.
He's going to step in at the end and tell you what to think, pat you on the head.
These should provide clues to where he's likely to go, and how you'll likely find him.
When he does talk, all discussion leads back to the product he's promoting.
Cooler still, he's got a huge inclination for all things green.
He's a dad of two boys and has been a reporter since the manual typewriter days.
The fact that he's homeless only adds to his reputation.
He's not completely throughout the single player campaign, but he's fun.
Finally, he started on some new things, and now he's pretty busy again.
He's more of a guitar player, but he plays a lot of other instruments.
He's the tallest basketball player of all at this time, though surely not for long, as coaches scour the world for mega-humans.
But the reasoning was, his current books are all those he's read and taught.
Anyway, he's almost blown through that money entirely.
He's writing a letter to a friend to convince him to join the military.
At the moment, he's been wearing them for a couple of days.
He's not breaking them up into small groups or having them make videos.
He's applying for jobs, and he's trying to figure out how to disclose in his job applications that piece of information.
He has decided that, on principle, he's not going to visit any country that requires fingerprints.
Yeah, he's maybe unlikely because his work is so dense.
It's unlikely, however, that the president will get as much money as he's asking for.
He's undoubtedly the best of the prospective candidates currently on offer.
He's gambling that the same is true of the public finances.
Yet as far as many people are concerned he's halfway out of the door.
He's likely to be more successful with the press and marketing if it keeps it simple and close to his personality.
Whether it's in composing experimental operas or in developing trailblazing new technologies, he's on the cutting edge of music.
If nothing else, he's found a good way to enhance his profile.
It doesn't even matter if he's attacking conservatism.
First, he's genuinely optimistic the economy will be okay, in part because he's sanguine about the expiration of fiscal stimulus.
The obvious answer, of course, is that he's leaping in because he thinks he can win.
He's still working five days a week at the firm, now run by his sons, and looking into promising new companies.
He's studied them, collected specimens that are displayed all over his property, and now written a remarkable book about them.
He's hoping that the big plants will stay happy for a decade.
He's built us some amazing decking out of all recycled materials.
When he's done riding shotgun, he takes a nap in the back.
With these credentials, he's worth hearing, and his book has much to teach about every aspect of food-growing.
He's clearly taken with the complexity of this fruit's intense flavor.
He's captured everything from the sound of a slug biting into a leaf to butterfly wings beating against the air.
Once there, he throws open the trailer's back door and drafts his plans in full view of the garden he's redesigning.
He's since created countless vertical gardens around the world.
But he's also worked on many smaller-scale residential projects that are water-wise and beautiful.
The honey he's provided will sweeten the elderberry sauce for the honey-sweetened frozen yogurt we'll be having for dessert.
In the meantime, he's happy to leave the spot vacant.
Instead, he looks in the other direction, as if he's got better things to do.
He's sort of on a mission to turn the world into one big sub-irrigated container.
Joe is the owner and he's there everyday of the week.
He's turned matching plant to container into an art form.
He's an excellent vet, but one who doesn't typically treat chickens.
He's old enough to collect social security, yet he appears stronger and more hip than ever.
He's the guy who figured out that mosquitoes carried the malaria parasite.
As a first step, he's offered to help people build up their chops as self-testers.
More often than not, he's depicted inside and playing with chemicals.
Because he's winning, his brain sees a pattern and thinks that the winning streak will continue, so he keeps gambling.
You'll also probably see someone who keeps gambling because he's been losing.
From his appearance, he's definitely not exercising much, wherever he goes during the day.
Among those he's mulling: writing projects in the area of personalized medicine.
Of course, in reality, when he's down is the perfect time to kick him.
And when he's not building buildings, he likes to build some- thing else.
He's never understood that he needs to dry out a little.
And if he's right, everything you think about politics is wrong.
He's staring at his baseball glove with a confused expression on his face.
But he's not quite a movie star, or the actor he could be.
He's promising to explain why he thinks so later today.
The legendary pediatrician reveals what he's reading.
But he's trying to set up a lottery, and the winner gets a ticket to ride to space.
If he's right, environmental regulation will never be the same.
He's found that even extraordinary people are felled by ordinary diseases.
He's been getting a lot of press lately because he's tackling some pretty heavy problems in astrophysics, including relativity.
But one thing's for sure: he's got a heck of a headache.
Once he's out he'll still have all his books and a radio show on which to shill them.
It's almost as if he's afraid of being tested in a controlled environment.
We see him talking, but don't know what he's saying.
Do you think for a minute that he's pulling out sixty cents worth of fuel for each pound of plastic he's putting into his machine.
Sure, he says he's going to announce which team he's signing with, but here are three theories on what he'll actually do.
He's a cynical businessman who plays on the anxieties of his listeners.
They say he's inconsistent and kooky, and they're right.
Now, by going negative, he's making things even worse.
But he's skeptical that this design will replace present-day transistors.
Still, he's working on other measures aimed at eliminating the possibility of false information being added.
He's holding the centerpiece of that technology, a bioreactor.
He's careful to point out that the economics are by no means certain at this point.
He's also working on new solid-oxide fuel-cell electrode structures.
And when he's done, he removes all traces of his artwork.
He's now in his sixth season with the team, his second as director of baseball operations.
Meanwhile, he's also developing catalysts that use different materials.
We asked him what the reaction is when he tells people he's the director of an ice cream school.
He's been smacked with celery and threatened with a knife.
He's had shad roe cooked that way, he said, and he still hated it.
He's an architect by training but an explorer at heart.
In other words, he's thinking creatively about what place means.
He's since added capacity and, without boosting prices, improved his sourcing.
He's shouted down and eventually throws down his dollar.
So set and predictable are the phrases that evoke the people and animals he's closest to, they come to resemble epithets.
Misses people he's never met, but always careful to appreciate the ones he has.
It seems to touch a deeper, darker place than any poem he's ever written.
He's combed through the remains of thousands of car accidents.
He's been one of my favorite characters from the age of financial ambition.
He's a really great guy, and some people don't even have that.
He's moving all around and shaking and it's purely an act.
He's an environmentalist, but that term alone doesn't relate his vision for business.
He's acquired the lacquered sheen of a wedding-cake groom that makes his every move stiff and dramatically false.
The actor is being turned away because he's not wearing a jacket.
He's a triple threat: a star who can sing, dance and wield a weapon.

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